Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

She danced us across 20 years of American turbulence and cultural upheaval with grace, intelligence, beauty and flawless comic timing.

For you, Mary, a little song, a little dance and a little seltzer down your pants.  


Robt said...

We all end up there.

The paths we take in life to get there is what shines and worth remembering than the eulogies themselves. For those we effect on the way is hard at times to comprehend.

I do know eulogies and funerals for the many cartoon characters like Bart Simpson, Family guy et al is not going to have the same emotional bind.

Jimbo said...

Loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show. She was such a natural comic actress, beauty and generous person. RIP.

Belvoir said...

Gracious, lovely, funny and talented. Such pangs of love and nostalgia at this sad news. RIP, we love you Mary.

proverbialleadballoon said...

:( Mary Tyler Moore was such a sweetheart.