Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ABC News' Chief Political Analyst Would Like Us To Stop Writing About Him

He says he doesn't get our point.

We think he gets our point just fine. We think his employers at ABC News get it just fine too,

We think he just doesn't like it very much.



dominictemple said...

As ever the great Upton Sinclair quote applies here.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

As you've pointed out many times before, this really does seem to be the principle failing that many journalists today both in the US and here in the UK fall susceptible to. Of course, some trip accidentally in and other take a running leap and dive right in.

RUKidding said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Howdy Dowdy dun dunt no-likey that Driftglass the droogies here write about him. Why how sad for him. Let me get out the world's smallest violin and fiddle him a sad sorry tune.

Get used to it fucker. You helped create this stinking mess. You're highly compensated for doing so. This is the rubes' revenge. What? Your iddle widdle fweelings is hurted or something?

Rusty White said...

What a overpaid, overrated Pussy. It is amazing that Dowd, like Derp Führer, is so thin-skinned that any comment by us liberals leads him not to ignore as outcasts, but to go on twitter, again like dear leader and whine about his faux victimhood. Fuck that guy. Keep it up DG.

On another note, Is this site for real? http://trump.news/
If so, I would imagine Mark Halperin and David Frum among others trying to line up regular gigs.

John Livingston said...

@matthewjdowd If you happen to read a full Matthew Dowd, you should then read http://driftglass.blogspot.com it's a like a shower for your brain.

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Just trying to do a public service.
That guy is sensitive

Lit3Bolt said...

Pity the poor Republican Apologists. They're going to have a lot to apologize for in the next four to eight years...

*Act 1, Scene 1: An apartment in New York City*

David Brooks: Let's see, we can't explain this by "Law of the Market." Nor can we use "Clinton Rules," and "Both Sides Do It" is of limited utility when the Republican Party reigns supreme. And we don't want to focus on populism...an actual populist might get into power next time!

Matthew Dowd: What about Third Way, Civility, and Centrism?

David Brooks: Aw fuck, with Trump Civility's out, but maybe we shift the focus to dirty union thugs, feminists, or hippies...

Matthew Dowd: I like how you think. They always go too far when their rights and/or healthcare and/or retirements are taken away.

David Brooks: Exactly! The same way black people complain about police shooting them. It's so crass!

*door bursts opens*

Tom Friedman: HEY GUYS!

*cue applause, laugh track*

Brooks and Dowd: FRIEDMEISTER!

Tom Friedman: I've just gotten a new idea for a new book! 'Zen and the Art of Trumpism!'

Matthew Dowd: That's it! Paint him as a bohemian media genius, unfettered by the 'LIE-bral media...'

Brooks: ...which we're all a part of...

Dowd: What was that?

Brooks: Nothing.

Friedman: By the way, what are you guys going to do with your tax cut now that Obamacare is done?

drbopperthp said...

in reply to @matthewjdowd
Douglas T. Cooper MD‏ @drbopperthp
@matthewjdowd @Zenman1550 There is no point Matt - Drifty just thinks you have a purty mouth. And you squeal just like a pig.