Saturday, January 21, 2017

ABC News' Chief Political Analyst Tells Media to Pay No Attention to the 75% of Trump Voters Who Are Racist or Crazy

And instead focus instead on the 25% that are suicidally stupid.

Did I mention that Mr. Dowd is ABC News' Chief Political Analyst? And that he was insturmental in building the wingnut orc army that he now pleads with his colleagues to ignore.

He also vows to keep his Twitter TL "Hate Free"

And then goes right on Twitterbating with Ann Coulter

Seems oddly selective.


keith gargus said...

He is actually apologizing to Coulter for not being a knee-jerk reactionary. ABC can go fuck itself for hiring this swine.

Lit3Bolt said...

Matthew Dowd and David Brooks are in the Republican business of weaponizing Civility and the Enlightenment as the political instruments of Conservatism. Coulter and her army of Trumped-up Neo-Nazi Crusaders are a threat to that branding effort, and strip the veneer of genteel aristocracy off of Conservatism. It's mainly an argument on PR strategy and value branding: does Conservatism want to appeal to the lowest common denominator, or does it need to be more selective in who should be allowed in the country club?

HA! Just kidding. In America, Conservatism is allowed to be both the LCD and the highest of pomp and circumstance, while liberalism has been forever tainted for attempting to achieve racial and gender/sexual equality. This parallel views of Conservatism were synthesized in Trump: he's a billionaire, so he understands the Conservative virtues of public graft and tax evasion, and he hates everything the foaming-mouth throng hates as well.

Dowd and Brooks may deplore Trump for his boorishness, but he'll be treated as a philosopher-king by them if he tries to cut Social Security and Medicare. See Ryan, Paul.

dinthebeast said...

He does seem sort of perfect to take over from Ted Cruz.
And while we're making EN DOWD jokes, I wonder what could be behind the plans to eliminate the NEA and the NEH? Does someone have some problems with other people getting endowed?

-Doug in Oakland

Cirze said...

I haven't been able to watch the MSM channels for years just because of this Dowd-type "leadership" BS. You've got me wondering how large that national audience is presently. (If we can trust their stats.)

Lit3Bolt has it just right, I think.

As do you, Dg.

Robt said...

Time to give Ann the irrelevant funeral of just deserves.
Her brilliant horse and buggy glory wagon she attached herself to and ordered her troops to storm the beach over. That cash wagon was Chris Christie who became unuseful and outdated the moment Trump convicted him of Bridgegate..
With due respect, let us gather and put to rest the crazy carcass of the girl from Adam;s Apple. May the Koch Brothers continue to buy her books in bulk and offer them to Rushbo;s audience for a long time into her obscure resting place, where she keeps trying to sway elections by voting in different states.
Replacing Ann Coulter with Kelly Girl Anne Conway.

Goodbye Mz Coulter. Look forward to catching you cheating at the conservative John Birch Society (for retired gasbags) sundays Bingo games.

may Coulter get conjugal visiting rights for Christie.

Dr. Puck said...

The Coulter/Dowd twitter exchange is paradigmatic.

It should be the centerpiece of a community college course on critical thinking taught by Ron Jeremy.