Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let a Thousand Grifters Bloom

When Corey Lewandowski announced today that he had begun a venture to help Murrica Be Great Again, I had hopes of, y'know, some sort of Heaven's Gate deal.  Perhaps rallying the whole filthy Orangentourage (tm) to fill their pockets with stones and walk towards Moscow until their hats float.

Sadly, this was not what he had in mind.

Someone should remind him to file a change of address form with the CNN human resources department.

It's a little thing, but it'll save him all kinds of headaches down the road.


trgahan said...

"...necessary to have strong, organized outside groups who can help ensure the President-elect's agenda is achieved."

Remember when the existence of "...strong, organized outside groups who can help.." were a reason the media said the American Voter (aka. conservative white people) simply didn't trust Clinton?

Remember when Trump was a Jacksonian popularist who didn't need the DC machine to make America Great Again?

No wonder Trump ordered the "Drain The Swamp" promise dropped from his policy platform.

Robt said...

If I recall correctly, Trump told us he, "hires the most incredible talent best people".

Was it fake news or fast and furious news? Didn't Corey Lew get hired and employed by the Donald?

I am pretty sure the Bible spoke about not being able to serve two masters. CNN & Trump.
So if Trump hires the best (he means the best as his right hand hold up his index finger). Did Trump fire Corey Lew (one of the best)?

You think Corey will offer Pussy grabbing trips and pictures taken with Trump while the customer gets to actually hold the Nuke football?
That shoud one up Uday and Qusay. Much better deal from Corey Lew..