Thursday, December 01, 2016

And Thus We Are Set Free

By demonstrating that the Right is every damnable thing we Liberals ever said it was, Trump absolves us from having to treat them like countrymen ever again.


banker puppy said...

driftglass, did you happen to notice that 13 R's in the IL state assembly who originally voted FOR automatic voter registration flipped this week and voted to sustain Gov. Rauner's veto of the bill? Not a single R in the state assembly voted to override, and the measure fell short by a handful of votes.

What happened in between the original vote and the veto override vote? Gov. Rauner's bankrolling of the IL-GOP campaign apparatus happened. So instead of having an extra two mil voters on the rolls when Rauner comes up for re-election in two years, the GOP is becoming POR (Property of Rauner).

John said...

Sadly, I'm reminded of that old line, "You can choose your friends, but not your relatives."

Mike Lumish said...

What you write is truer than I ever would have believed, had you told me twenty years ago.

But today I am reading in the environmental news about the wildfires in eastern Tennessee, and how the inbred locals have such a big chip on their shoulders about hillbilly jokes that they are blaming the Urban Librul Elites for the lack of coordinated and effective state and Federal responses.

Ordinarily I would try to play nice, because we are all Americans we are all in this together, but then I reflect on the facts that these exact people have - for the past half century, for the specific purpose of sticking it to the libruls and the darkies - voted into the power the party that promised specifically to gut every government program that was not protected by armed guards. Like Federal disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, that one leaps to mind.

So now there is no money, and no manpower, and no professional disaster response expertise, nothing to help these people whose lives are being consumed in the fires.

Which really sucks. So go ask Donald if he can help you. You wanted him, you made him President, maybe he can get you a sweet sweet deal like he got for Carrier in Indiana.