Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Today In Both Side Do It: Matthew Dowd

Obviously, ABC's Matthew Dowd should have been sacked long ago.  He knows nothing.  He contributes nothing.  He is just one more in a long line of Both Siderist human algorithms, propped in front of  cameras once a week to open his face-hole and issue forth the Beltway's most persistent and profitable lie. The Big Lie on which the entire corporate media behemoth ins built.

Sure, Mr. Dowd is programmed to simulate outrage -- outrage! -- and the antics of Il Douche...

But then, invariably, the second condition of his "IF" statement code kicks in:

The fact that a waste of carbon like Mr. Dowd, and dozens more like him, are still gainfully employed by America's corporate media is a real story.  

And if I were being completely honest, as a public service, were I advising President Obama and Hillary Clinton I would take a page straight out of Donald Trump's playbook -- summon the same heads of the same networks to the White House under the same, false pretenses that Trump offered them (off the record, of course, and leaked everywhere, of course) and then berate them for an hour.

"What in the actual fuck is a fucking, lying, blood drunk ghoul like Bill Fucking Kristol doing anywhere near a microphone, George? Huh!  Huh!  Answer me you little shit or I will burn your fucking world down!"  said President Obama to George Stephanopoulis.

"And Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Chuck, who the fuck still listens to David Fucking Brooks," demanded Hillary Clinton, grabbing Chuck Todd by the collar as he was trying to crawl behind the sofa.  "Has he ever been fucking right>  About any-fucking-thing?"

"Say, 'And now, over to Peggy Noonan' one more time,"  said Vice President Joe Biden.  "I dare you.  I double dare you."

Of course, journalists should never come in for this kind of treatment.  Never.  

These people, however, are not journalists.

These people are parasites who laid their eggs inside journalism years ago, and have prospered by slowing eating it alive from the inside, out.  


trgahan said...

It occurred to me this morning that of all the 2016 post-game analysis, one major voting block (yet again), is being totally ignored for their role in U.S. elections: upper-middle to upper class working professionals whose wealth insulates them from electoral reality.

In short, prosperous people who still are not affluent enough to not work for a living, but earn enough to insulate themselves against turns in public policy. They will never acknowledge this position either, because they "earned it." They can't deny reality because they need to know it to make money. But they tend see themselves as "polite, a-political" people that quote Brooks et al. back at me and give a shrug and say "Both Sides" whenever you out a position they take as absurd. These are the people who all the "Isn't a shame our country is so divided!" stories are directed at...

BUT, they can be shamed into action when the situation gets out of hand (Civil Rights, Bush years, etc.) For Dowd, Brooks, et al. part of their job is keeping this voting block silent (or quietly Republican because tax cuts) that will have them giving a version of the Gordon Gecko speech at the Christmas Party this year:

"Both sides is good!"
"Both Sides works!"

HinTN said...

In right in that wheelhouse but you are wrong that I don't acknowledge the fact of the matter.