Friday, November 18, 2016

Coal Miner's Plotter

Leave it to the redneck blue-dog from the great state of Black Lung who kept his job by picking up a rifle and running hard against his own president to shiv Barack Obama and the rest of his party in the back at the earliest opportunity.

From The Hill:
Dem senator backing Sessions for attorney general

Sen. Jeff Sessions's (R-Ala.) bid to become the next attorney general has the backing of a Democratic senator.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) says he's supporting President-elect Donald Trump's pick of Sessions, journalist Salena Zito tweeted Friday afternoon...
So now it's "bipartisan"!  



Jerry B said...

Without the black sheep leading us to the shearers how would the rest of us know how to act?

Mike R said...

How long before the Senator finds that the democratic party has left him and he becomes a republican. Electoral prospects ahead of integrity every time.

Jimbo said...

I wish the WVA Democrats would just shame Manchin to just switch his party and admit he's just a good ole boy Southern racist. He's not ever going to vote for the Democrats.

Robt said...

Wait wait wait wait just a tarnation minute. Sen Maninch is a Democratic Senator.

Sure he has a "D: in front of his name. He sits on their side of the aisle.
But I understand he came close from switching parties, recently.

Think he smells a self profiteering role in the Trump Adm?