Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kim Jong Orange

Of course the key difference between the Brilliant Comrade's adoring mobs and the Deviant Grandad's cheering yahoos is that anytime anyone on the Right wants to turn their back and walk away from Trump -- or just do the most basic kind of fourth-grader, three-mouse-click research on his thousands of lies -- there is nothing whatsoever stopping them.

Nothing but their own bigotry, rage, pride and paranoia.

They choose to follow this monster, just as they will choose to follow the next monster, and the one after that.

The solution to the problem of Donald Trump will come gift-wrapped in a ballot box at your local polling place on November 8th.

But the problem of a major political party and all of its buttressing institutions now brazenly embracing the racism, fascism, misogyny and defiant ignorance that has always kept hidden in it's basement?  That problem will be with us long after this election.

And the next election.

And the one after that.

Because Trump's is not a “great great movement, the likes of which our country has never seen before, never ever.”

It is, in fact, an old movement.

A very old movement.

And while it has gone by many different names and under many different guises, we damn well know what we are looking at when we see it.


bowtiejack said...

Beautiful photoshop!

Jimbo said...

Depressingly true. The problem, as I commented on a No More Mister Nice Blog post is that the Trump followers are Authoritarians. They actually have no respect for democracy. Their worldview, like Trump's is to take what they want as their own property. For many of them, their ancestors were probably slave owners or slavery sympathizers. So, their views would naturally tend towards misogyny, xenophobia, greed and the worship of violence. These traits are, unfortunately, baked into our culture and even though the GOP, as a national institution, may simply be a burning hulk, at this point, the state and local GOPs are alive and thriving and composed largely of orcs.

dinthebeast said...

So how do they respond to polls showing them to have a 33 point deficit among women? By calling for the repeal of the 19th amendment.

-Doug in Oakland

Cirze said...


I now come over here mainly for the brilliance of vision.

And you're also a stellar reporter as is proven daily.

Must calm down.

P.S. How is it no one has hired you for 7 figures?

And the one after that.

bluicebank said...

Amen, brother.

And let every young liberal whippersnapper out there know this:
So many of us from the '60s and '70s made the grave mistake of thinking we had won, and laid down our arms. Nixon was gone and so was Ford. The EPA and OSHA were gunning for any sleazy outfit out there. (I brought journalistic fire to polluters, even getting a refinery trustee to shake in his boots at I hovered over him in a police helicopter.)

Good times. Racists were chased below ground, or under rocks. But then we slept in the 1980s. Fools, we were.

Not this time. After the GOP gets its beat-down next month, children please, do not stop kicking them to the curb. Even if they play dead. Keep kicking and never stop. Or they will rise up after the smoke has cleared and burn down the village.

Unknown said...

Bob Dylan Nobel prize wow!

dinthebeast said...

Trump is a movement all right, a bowel movement, and the sooner it's over the better.
So Driftglass, you're a Pink Floyd fan, did you see the video of Roger Waters at the Desert Trip? He had Jess and Holly from Lucius backing him up, and he tore Trump a new one, especially during "Pigs". You might like it a little.

-Doug in Oakland

drbopperthp said...

Thanks for the heads up Namesake. DaDoctah