Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fundraiser Day Four: The End Of History

It's not you I hate, conservative.
I hate what I became because of you.

I never wanted to loathe these people.  Never.  I wanted them to turn a corner.  To hit bottom and finally start to sober up.  To finally snap out of the fascist mesmerism that lets them fall for the same lies from the same liars over and over again,  To finally get so sick of being slapped in the face by observable reality and their own words on tape once too often and wake the fuck up.

We could have argued over the size and shape of the safety net and marginal tax rates and American foreign policy all day long and I will never raise my voice, but the prerequisite to any of that is that you had to stop being out of your fucking mind.  You had to stop belly-crawling back to the same frauds and demagogues no matter how many times their lies humiliate you.   You had to stop, stop, stop giving your voted and you money and your fealty to Rush and Sean and Karl and Kellyanne and everyone else who is getting rich off of demolishing out democracy while calling people like me an America-hating traitor.

This isn't North Korea.  This isn't Cold War East Germany.  You could have walk away from the propaganda and turned your back on the crazy any time you wished.

But you chose not to.  Over and over again, you freely chose not to.

Which is why, after giving you every opportunity to stop being hateful, racist assholes, one by one we dirty, despised hippies (who have been cast out of polite society for the unforgivable sin of speaking the truth about you people out loud) finally gave up.  Finally got it through our heads -- finally accepted in our tolerant, forgiving Liberal hearts -- that "hateful racist asshole" isn't a bug with you people -- it's your fucking operating system.

I never wanted to hate you, but when I look into at the earnest, implacable, furious, cow-dumb eyes of  Republicans like this (h/t Crooks & Liars) -- 

-- what I see are the predictable and deplorable results of decades of unreconstructed Southern Strategy thinking, voluntary Fox News lobotomizing and voluntary Hate Radio stupification.  

This woman says "November 2008" because, like millions and millions just like her. she still can't quite say "Because that dirty n*gger and his moocher wife cheated their way into my White House" on camera and get away with it. This frustrates her terribly, and so she gives herself willingly to a lying racist orange fire demon in the hopes that he will stand up in front of 100 million people and say it for her.  

I tried for a long time not to despise these people, but I also believe that those who work hard should earn what they work for.  

And these awful, awful people have worked so very hard for so many years to earn my contempt that I feel I would be cheating them out of the poison fruits of their labor not to loathe them and everything they stand for and everyone who continues to collaborate with or makes excuses for them. 

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Hubert Vale said...


I'm amazed at how you keep producing such great work day after day. DFB could learn a thing or million from you. Love the STNG reference!

D. said...

Yeah, I have to keep stepping back from the apparent willingness of vocal conservatives to recreate the evil regimes, beliefs, and practices of European dictators, as though they'd never heard of history or even watched old movies.

Theodore Sturgeon said something about the inability of some to reason from A to B, and I have begun to suspect that there are people who cannot reason from A to A.

duquesnepdx said...

I cannot countenance anything but utter contempt and loathing for people who, time and again, vote against their own interests because they wouldn't be caught dead voting for a Democrat after 1965. I have met a number of people who proudly stated that they were life long registered Democrats, but had never actually voted for a Democratic candidate. These same people complain about (their) unemployment, but froth at the mouth about welfare.

I am aware that there are plenty of good, moral people who live in the southeast and yet still have a functioning brain. But I spent far too many years in the southeast to think that they're the majority.

I want the racist, misogynist shitheel con-man to suffer a historic defeat. A defeat of such proportions that running on hate -- even using a dog whistle rather than with a loudspeaker -- will forever after be seen as a losing proposition. Of course, I know that no matter what, any candidate with an R after their name is going to get at least 40% of the vote, and the Democratic winner (should we be so lucky) will be cast as illegitmate. A usurper of what is rightly a Republican office.

Thanks for being a light in the darkness. You make it obvious that we're not alone out here.

dinthebeast said...

Creeps are creeps, and I've known plenty of them. These creeps, however, want to tell me what I can and can't do, and they want to TAKE AWAY MY HEALTH INSURANCE.
I wonder how they would respond to someone publicly advocating for their murder?
Fuck them in their nose with a frozen earthworm.

-Doug in Oakland

Neo Tuxedo said...

Theodore Sturgeon said something about the inability of some to reason from A to B, and I have begun to suspect that there are people who cannot reason from A to A.

The only match for that with Sturgeon in it is this very post, but I found a similar match where I expected to find it, in Chapter 15 of Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time, spoken by Inspector Grant to our favourite woolly lamb:

Everyone can reason from A to B— even a child. And most adults can reason from B to C. But a lot can’t. Most criminals can’t. You may not believe it — I know it’s an awful come-down from the popular conception of the criminal as a dashing and cute character — but the criminal mind is an essentially silly one. You can’t imagine how silly sometimes. You’d have to experience it to believe their lack of reasoning powers. They arrive at B, but they’re quite incapable of making the jump to C. They’ll lay two completely incompatible things side by side and contemplate them with the most unquestioning content. You can’t make them see that they can’t have both, any more than you can make a man of no taste see that bits of plywood nailed on to a gable to simulate Tudor beams are impossible.

bluicebank said...

Yeah, many of us have had to put our foot down, painful as it was.

Like when I informed my two nephews that I'd cut them out of the fucking will if they didn't renounce Trump. And would basically perform the Klingon ceremony of Discommendation, call them a "biHnuch," cross my arms and turn my back to them.

For some reason they started talking shit about Il Douche. Blood thicker than water, I suppose. Ahem.

trgahan said...

On November 9th, I expect the Republican Party to shatter...

into approx. 15 million "Trump was a Killary plant to steal the election! Now if Ben Carson would have gotten the nomination..." approx. 15 million "It was a protest vote cause....BOTH SIDES!" and approx. 10 million "I've never heard of this Trump you speak of. I'm an independent anyway."

All 40 million or so will rally right back to the Republican flag if liberals once again concede the 2018 midterm election. Stopping them there would do more damage to conservatives than Hillary winning by more than 5 percent next month.

Jim from MN said...

It will be fun to see what tea party-like hiding place Republicans create for themselves after Hillary kicks Trump's ass. DONATE TO DRIFTGLASS TODAY! (I did)

D. said...

Neo Tuxedo: Thanks! Tey was sharp on that score. Fragments of that quote probably got conflated with Sturgeon's "Ask the next question." (There was a time when The Daughter of Time was a frequent reread, but I seem to have eye-tracked Tey's words off the page. I think I last picked up Sturgeon [also frequently reread] ten years ago. It's Hoarders' Attic Memory Tendency.)

ziply said...

I have stalked my property, wine glass clutched in my paw, rabidly muttering these thoughts, but you have put them to paper. Thank you.