Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Decision Must Be Made In The Life Of Every Nation...

It is not the Conservative bigots and imbeciles who are on trial now.  Not the conspiracy-drunk.  Not the Fox News, Hate Radio junkies whose higher civic brain functions died long ago; who have been crashing around the shallow end of the American gene pool in a persistent, moral vegitative state for years.

No, right now history's judgement in being leveled against those who damn well knew better and went along with the mob anyway. Those who flattered the mob, pandered to the mob, lied to the mob, kept the mob whipped into a perpetual state of unhinged, paranoid fury for decades so they could profit from harvesting the votes and dollars and loyalty of the mob over and over again. 

The ones who were perfectly okay with Trump's racism, endless, ludicrious lies and conspiracy mongering, but when he insulted White Women well that was suddenly a god damn bridge too far!  

Right now history's verdict is also being rendered against the professional journalists and pundits who saw where the mob was headed, saw one Conservative atrocity after another erupting right in front of them, and chose to skulk behind the Beltway Both Sides lie out of cowardice or laziness or greed.  

I have no doubt that the same people who built the mighty Tea Party Bush-Off Machine to get the Republican base off the hook for eight years of cheering for the Worst President in modern history are busy tinkering together an "I Was Never For Trump" Strategic Forgettery device to bail the same losers out of the same hole once again.  Just as I have no doubt that the Hugh Hewittes and David Brookses and Matthew Dowdes of the world are getting ready to rerun their 2009 strategy of insisting that the newly elected Democratic president can only succeed by immediately capitulating to monsters and lunatics who clearly have no interest whatsoever in anything but slander and sabotage.

The real question is will they be allowed to get away with it all over again?

And right now the odds are six-to-five and pick 'em.


milegrinder said...

Hewitt's already in flight, I read somewhere.

RUKidding said...

Yes. Much as I'm loving this, it is yet again the default of unrepentant NeoNazi White Supremacists that you can fuck over all minorities as much as you please, but it's a bridge too far to fuck over white women.

That needs to be said over & over. Not that it'll make much difference. We all know who & what the GOP stands for: white supremacy uber alles. Fuck 'em.

You can believe that the unholy cabal of Dick Nixon's acolytes are mos def developing the Trump Forgettery machine right now bc that's how those bastards roll.

June Butler said...

A mighty post, driftglass. You should get some kind of blogger award for this one.

keith gargus said...

Sad, but the reckoning for all these chickenshits won't be much. As George Carlin said, the game is rigged.

trgahan said...

How I see things going....

On the evening of November 9th Republicans will put a recently elected minority women (ex. Mia Love if the Koch's manage to buy her seat again)on prime time TV and on the Sunday shows declaring a Conservative Jubilee, in which all the sins under Trump are stricken from the record so Liberals can't bring them up in public anymore. She will then declare a Brand New Republican Party has arisen dedicated to doing What The American People Want is now here to Guide Us Forward Through Trying Times.

Media will agree they have succeeded in reforming their party and that Hillary has no mandate and her election honeymoon is over by November 14th.

Ann Coulter will follow the segment to discuss the story she heard that Islamic Mexican Women will get free abortions preformed Christian doctors held at gun point by black UN soldiers during Hillary's inauguration.

Robt said...

I would like to try an add to something here.
In the same movie there is a scene where Spencer Tracy, (a judge selected for the panel). HE gets in a discussion with another judge that leads to his retort reply line to the effect.
"All judges from the day they are given the gavel. It is clear. with certain cases with certain people (class) you know when to put on the gloves handling the case and when to handle the case bare handed".
(somewhat paraphrased mind you) Yet corrosive in our justice system to this day with a vitamin supplement.

So if Donald wants to debate rigged elections and such. I say let the discussions begin. Just that who will get the dubious role to face off in the discussion for someone like me. Will those same gloves be worn to discuss with a Trump and bare knuckle for me?

jim said...

Strongly agree.
Yep, the pols are guilty as sin.
Their lickspittle enablers in the media at least as much so.

But might I suggest that the odd well-aimed pitchfork & torch be spared for their corporate overlords?

Those rock-star salaries Todd, Brooks, Scarborough et al pull down aren't the product of mysterious teleporting money-pixies or well-heeled malicious 20-foot-tall bugs from Alpha Centauri - they come from the owners of store franchises & household brand names as well known as the days of the week, & they vanish the moment anyone tries to break the wrong story or goes too far off-script.

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