Friday, September 30, 2016

The .22 Caliber Mind In a .357 Magnum World

The late Steve Gilliard used to say, "When your enemy is drowning, throw them an anvil"

I wonder what he would say about a candidate so unhinged that he comes self-anvilizing?  Or about a Republican Party so deeply fucked-in-the-head that is could look at this raving, racist con man and say "Yeah!  That's my guy!"


John Taylor said...

Makes you wonder who the Republicans will nominate next. Charlie Manson?

Robt said...

I have heard. People are saying. Many many great smart people I have talked, tell me.

GW Bush and Breitbart had a snowflake threesome with Liz Cheney's egg.
It was planted in Sarah palin who carried it to birth and raised the child into the patriot he is today.
That snowflake child, (these very successful geniuses tell me), is in fact Donald Trump.

Believe me. This is what they are telling me and what I am hearing from people.
For the life of me, I have no idea why the mainstream media is not talking about this!
The liberal media is corrupt and biased against me and won't talk about this.
The media is rigged! Against me. Believe me.

Believe me!
We need to see Trump's birth certificate. No, not the fake ones. The Snowflake certificate of implantation from the lab.

This episode of right wing world's realities Is where the David Brooks of the propaganda deployment team, has difficulty bridging the Tea Potters divide with the Alt right's supremacy under the oligarch umbrella.

RUKidding said...

As some prior commenters have noted:
I doubt that there's anything that Trump can do now to turn off his loyal fans, and more & more of the "standard" (eg, not totally white supremacists) GOP base are falling in line and getting ready to pull the lever for this asshole. Go figure. Even the fundies are staying true to their reliable hypocrisy and have cherry picked some Bible verse that duly instructs them that Trump's the one (all whilst shrieking and moaning about Bill & Hillary Clinton).

Hillary, hopefully, will stop pointing out his racism and bigotry, unless there's a very good reason to do so. It has been somewhat effective, but now it's pointless, imo. Everyone knows it, but Trump's fans now wear their bigotry, racism, misogyny, xenophobia like badges of honor and brag about it. If Clinton keeps beating that drum, it'll rebound on her.

As others have pointed out, the deal now is to GOTV. Clinton, and her family & surrogates, are out beating the bushes with millenials, with minorities, etc. This is what needs to happen. People are feeling dispirited and claiming they don't want to "bother" to vote. In some ways, I get that, but much as I have very mixed emotions about Clinton, myself, I have come to the conclusion that, for better or worse, Clinton must must MUST win.

Yet again, one thing of super importance is the Supreme Court. Should Trump win, we'll be fucked royally for decades to come. If for no other reason, vote for Clinton bc at least we'll get some decent (at least semi decent) judges on the Supremes.

This Morning Joe schtick is bullshit. Squint and Meat Puppet spent months fellating and encouraging Trump. Their turn-about now falls on deaf ears, frankly. What's the point? It's not even seriously done, from where I sit. They can all go fuck themselves. It's because of greedy sociopaths like them that Trump was enabled to get this far. Their protests are worse than useless and meaningless.

dinthebeast said...

"Guys who have made a lot of money in business have a real hard time working in a system of checks and balances" -Molly Ivins

-Doug in Oakland

Knight of Nothing said...

I watched more of that Morning Joe clip than was good for my health. I know this is not news to you, but my god is Scarborough an arrogant, know-nothing asshole.

Isaac Segal said...

Memo to women for Trump:

You can give him your support, your can give him your vote, you can even give him your money—but he'll still think you're too fat.

bluicebank said...

If I know anything about politics and voter turnout, Il Douche may not turn off his supporters, but will boost turnout against him. Fair weather voters go to the polls for one of two reasons: Positive or negative. Maybe their candidate excites them, or maybe they're jazzed by even a ballot measure. OR, lacking a positive reason, the presence of a truly obnoxious candidate or ballot measure gets them off the bar stool.

Fear is a powerful emotion. In theory, the presence of Trump will compel liberal-leaners contemplating staying home or voting 3rd Party, to re-think their decision.

n1ck said...

The only thing that Clinton has to do to win this thing is to keep Strongman Trump talking.

When Strongman Trump stops talking and the media focus on Clinton's obvious treasons and murdering past, Trump gains in the polls.

When Strongman Trump is out in public being Strongman Trump, his numbers hit the fan.

Just keep Strongman Trump talking, and I think we can eek our way out of a Strongman Trump disaster.

Robt said...

"Guys who have made a lot of money in business have a real hard time working in a system of checks and balances" -Molly Ivins

-Doug in Oakland

Sort of like the Wells Fargo businessmen?

As for HRC encouraging The Trump to filibuster. I agree although directing The and directing the Donald into his soliloquy rap. Is very powerful...! And I admit, enjoyable.