Monday, September 05, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Now that most of cable news is run like the Joker's gang tryout scene from The Dark Knight (give the "guests" a sharpened stick and let them have at each other while the clock is ticking) I thought this video from Reliable Sources hosted by Brain Selter -- just about the only watchable thing left on the Sunday Gasbag Cavalcade -- was especially apt (h/t @ll65)

And because political news is mostly a sack of soulless. self-interested vipers, it is a good thing to look up every now and then and remember that the good guys outnumber the bad:


John Taylor said...

Expectations are so low for Donald Trump that anytime he doesn't say something horrible, he's praised as a great statesman. Hillary Clinton is constantly smeared with right-wing lies and only asked about her unpopularity.

stratocruiser said...

R.I.P Mr. Rogers. Yu are immortal in your legacy.
It is amazing to me that humanity is capable of such generosity of spirit, and such cruelty.

Jimbo said...

Soledad represented the old, the original CNN of Ted Turner's image. That's been long gone. She's right that the cable news has found the WWE fight mode as the one they want to run with. But I'm not sure everybody wants to see that all the time. I work in a large office that has a TV running in the common room and all the Millennials hate the trump coverage (everyone else does too but I'm talking about the future). The MSM may be fooling themselves as to what ordinary people want, which is not non-stop hate.

Aquaria said...

Just when did racism become about "judgment" or "an opinion?" We know it when we hear it or see it. It's not a matter of judgment or opinion. It's racist or it's not.

Full fricking stop.

These media clowns are worse than scum for lying that way.