Friday, August 12, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #349

"To a new world of gods and monsters!"
--   Dr. Pretorius, The Bride of Frankenstein



dinthebeast said...

The gerrymandering of the media idea is sad and brilliant, and explains so much of the lying that just otherwise seems to be coming from nowhere.
I saw the Rebel Rebel video also, and as a lifelong rock and roll guitarist, I was fascinated by it.
They really are dragging Alex Jones into their party platform, and many who should be horrified by that fact don't seem to know who he is.
As far as fixing the Republican party, I feel that will have to be a long term effort, but a necessary one, as we need two functioning parties to govern the country. I responded to a comment elsewhere positing the two parties of the future be the Democrats and the Progressives by pointing out the 27% of the electorate who are crazy, and the fact that they 1) need someone to represent them also, and 2) are far too lucrative to pander to for any expectation of just being ignored.
Lastly, I think you are right about taking back Christianity. I see that as part and parcel to the responsibility of governing the country that the Democrats have had to take on since the Republican party lost its mind, and with it its ability to function as a governing party. Kind of like how there's nothing conservative about the conservative movement if you define conservative as conserving norms and traditions, and as such the responsibility of doing so has been left to the Democrats for years. There is, after all, a religious left. They (I say they as I am an atheist) even had a president not that long ago. His name is Jimmy Carter, and last I checked he was still hanging around beating cancer and building houses for folks who need them and generally acting like a decent human being...
Excellent podcast once again, thank you so much.

-Doug in Oakland

Meremark said...

The key point in conversation got stepped on. It is the realization that the Xian Bible (or Marchemont? or the text of Human Rights Convention papers), reads and feels differently -- "like a different book" - at different stages of life.

The key point being to teach, saying what those stages of life ARE. And explain, in detail where possible (or permitted), the different feelings in each stage, the concerns and interests which change as subsequent segments of DNA unfold along a human's timeline of life, (infancy, juvenile, adolescent,adult, parent, elder, e.g.), as age develops in a person.

Perhaps to speak of indications and symptoms a person can recognize to understand Where they are in life's stages, and Who they are, and What. Maybe to understand Why we are. (When) Currently.

And there was a missed tie-in at the end. The talk skimmed over description of "relationships" feeling different and doing different functions depending on personal stage- or phase-of-life during the relationship. We in growing, 'see relationships with a different sense, for changing purposes and reasons and emotions, in situational ethics (morality) AT THAT TIME in our life.' HOW do we tell what time it is for ourselves?

Okay, bring it home concretely. It is said a person is liberal in youth and conservative in age. All millennials are Democrats, all careerist cheapskates are Republicans. A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged by circumstances.
What's up with that? How (or Why) does the life force push us from being a young Leftist to an old Rightist, in our individual humanity? What are the steps of metamorphisis? Discuss.

trgahan said...

Regarding Utah Mormon's:

Evangelicals see Mormons as an anti-christian "cult" (LDS Church leadership stated they "weren't Christian" up until the 1970's) and, as shown in 2012, evangelicals still will no turn out for Mormon Presidential candidates. Trump's statements reflected this riff.

Mormon's have been trying to become a major influence on the Republican Party/conservative movement for decades even though their voting numbers don't back it up. The "Christian Coalition" is still standing in their way and won't let them into the tree house.

So, while the state is racially (ie. white) and culturally homogenous with THOSE people segregated (ie. knowing their place) to a few neighborhoods. Mormon's expect local government to spend and behave like Eisenhower Republicans (using federal money so they can keep state taxes low, of course) nationally they contribute such Tea Party/Freedom Caucus Representatives/conmen as Chaffetz, Lee, Bishop and Love as a "SEE, We're pure too! PLEASE let us in!"

Yastreblyansky said...

Here's Krugman going full serenity Driftglass!