Friday, July 01, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #343

"Splodey heads keep 'splodin'!"
--  2004 Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, July 1, 2016


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dinthebeast said...

Thank you for the run down of the good recent news, because although I was aware of all of the individual items(except for boomy mcboomface),somehow I wasn't feeling them like I probably should if I want to maintain anything resembling a healthy attitude. Read that as I was feeling kinda yucky and you really helped, so thank you.

-Doug in Oakland

OGIC said...

The Sun is part of the Murdock empire according to Wikipedia:

"It is published by the News Group Newspapers division of News UK, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.[5][6]"

I have a few nit-picky sort of comments on your comments on this week's science fiction stories, but I will save them for a later post.


Robt said...

Good to hear from you, Bible Bitch. Been a while.

I think someone is going to have to provide evidence of the Hew Hewitt from outer space sent to Earth to destroy America claim. Sure Hewey is "inhumane", "Robotic", Ditto Headed".
I heard he has leased an evil lair. Under a volcano with submarine access. From which to plot his evil KAOS schemes.
This appears more supervillain than hungry aliens seeking humans to feed on.
Either way, I am sure the NRA says that is part of the 2nd Amendment right to defend yourself from.
Please gaze deeply into your crystal ball and tell me if you see, who else besides the Hacking Hew ans big lewandowski are down on the FOX farm club to be called up to hit for the right . In the near future?

Most oddly,
A Nebraska Federal Judge nominated by the Muslim Usurper was confirmed recently on a 90-0 vote. A claim is made that the Tyrant black guy did not nominate him so that meant the Republican Senate could vote and vote to confirm.
But when it comes to the SCOTUS, it is back to that evil underground lair beneath the volcano.
How bi partisan the republican majority is for confirming this judge after 20 months of waiting because he was an Obama nomination and had to be stopped.

Most amazing is the GOP's oblivious conclusion over SCOTUS rulings of late.
Like on the TE-ass over regulate abortion out of business laws. Yeah, from small unintrusive GOP government.
Texas defense of it was all to make it safe for the females. fell apart after the decision as the right media screamed how the Decision legalized abortion.
You know, Even if Scalia was there to vote, this decision would have been 5-4 all the same.
Now how about some voter rights positive SCOTUS rulings.