Saturday, June 11, 2016

Words? What Do They Mean?

To impress your Liberals friends at parties (and cause your Conseravative friends to stuff cocktail weinies in their ears and run screaming "Benghaaaazi" into the night) Fusion has helpfully cataloged six different occasions when Donald J. Trump literally used the words "Mexican heritage" during his attempts to intimidate and under,mine federal judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Here is but one example (emphasis added):

Pirro: Why did you refer to his ethnicity, Donald?

Trump: Well, because his heritage is Mexican.

Pirro: So what?

Trump: Well, because I want to build a wall. And I’m getting along great, I think, with Hispanics but I want to build a wall. There are some people who don’t like that.

Pirro: Yeah but some of the numbers don’t indicate that. Do you think you have to dial it back?

Trump: Look I have to be what I have to be. I mean, I have to tell the truth… He’s of Mexican heritage. I hope he’s gonna be fair. But he’s treated me very unfairly.
This is one more reason why I am more and more sure that Neutron Don will tap Newton Leroy Gingrich for vice president.

After all, Gingrich was the man who taught an entire generation of Republicans to seize and hold political power by simply lying loudly and constantly and yelling "Traitor!" into every camera and microphone they can lay their hands on. Gingrich was the Prime Mover behind deliberately destroying political comity in United States congress in order to advance his depraved agenda.   
How Newt Gingrich Crippled Congress 
No single person bears more responsibility for how much Americans hate Congress than Newt Gingrich. Here’s what he did to it.
This Definer Of Civilization's Rules And Leader (Perhaps) Of The Civilizing Forces pioneered working hand-in-glove with Hate Radio to turn the power of Congressional investigation into a tool to cripple a Democratic president by witch-hunting his administration to death.

The disgraced former speaker is also a prolific adulterer and successful con man in his own right, so he and Trump will have plenty to talk about on the campaign trail.

However, the special magic Gingrich bring to the table are the Gingrich rules which I have documented to the point of tedium on this blog over the years. But for you newcomers...

In the game of professional punditry there also clearly exists a special set of rules designed with one person on mind.  Or, rather, one sort of person: Conservatism's parade of bomb-throwing, hate-mongering, race-baiting bottom feeders.  That breed which makes their daily bread from grifting the Pig People by generating an endless flood of books, magazine articles, broadcasts, speeches and videos all telling the GOP base over and over again that their bigotries are noble and their paranoia is patriotic.

Of course, part of the downside of wallowing in the wingnut sewer and trafficking in slander and lies is that, sooner or later, you become a toxic mess.  Your stink becomes unacceptable to the general public, which s where the Sunday morning talk shows -- the Mouse Circus -- comes in.   Because despite having long ago devolved into a sinkhole of Beltway centrist twaddle, it is still viewed by altogether too many people as a bastion of Very Serious people -- it's the strip-mall of political opinion where casual shoppers go to feel smart and validated.

And so a bargain is struck; the bottom feeders deliver a temporary hike in the only thing these show's owners really care about -- audience share -- and, in exchange for being teevee friendly and keeping the worst of their batshit crazy on a leash for a few minutes, their Mouse Circus deburrs the bottom feeders' public image, replates and burnishes their credibility and temporarily transfuses them with Seriousness, which can then be redeemed at ten times its face value back among the Pig People.

And in the key to that bargain we find "The Gingrich Rules": agreement that the moderator will never, ever ask the bomb-throwing, hate-mongering, race-baiting goon sitting directly across from them a single question about their bomb-throwing, hate-mongering or race-baiting activities.  Instead they will be represented to the public merely as a Conservative commentator or talk radio host or pundit who, at worst, might be known for some "controversial" opinions, which the moderator will never bother to explicate.
And who better to play Frank Nitti to Trump's Al Capone than America's favorite  bomb-throwing, hate-mongering, race-baiting goon who the Beltway in incapable as treating as anything less than a lodge brother and visiting prince?


bowtiejack said...

Good points all.

On the VP thing Gingrich would be perfect, but they have a derp bench and Richard Viguerie is pushing for Rick Santorum.

And Jefferson Beauregard Sessions' name is also being bruited about. I tell you it's Land of the Giants.

banker puppy said...

Trump/Gingrich can sing the old Nelson/Iglesias song at their rallies--

To all the girls I've loved before
Who travelled in and out my door
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the girls I've loved before

To all the girls I once caressed
And may I say I've held the best
For helping me to grow
I owe a lot I know
To all the girls I've loved before

dinthebeast said...

The idea of Newter doing his best Cheney imitation is nauseating. Think of all the damage he could do that he never even dreamed of actually doing (his own run was a bullshit grift and he knew it). How long would it be before the ego clash went critical and he decided Trump had to go? When would Callista's hairdo become a national security issue? And having disposed of Trump like an ex-wife, who would he pick for his own veep? Surely not Condi...

-Doug in Oakland

proverbialleadballoon said...

@bowtiejack: the republican vice-presidential bench, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be careful.

I'm hoping it's Newt, so America can roundhouse kick that sonavabitch through a plate glass window on the 44th floor, 80s action movie bad guy-style.

Robt said...

Seems you make a good case for asking for a courtesy flush from the other stall.!

A logical choice of Newter for Trump is well founded. Sheldon Adelson loves him some Newter and feels he would receive much better treatment with Newt by Donald's side. Yeah, Newter would do the Sheldon bidding toward Israel. Beyond the tolerance of the rest of the sane world.

I suggest the smashing of two ego atoms (applied science). Is a hazardous experiment.

Trump is smart in a devious sort of way. He would have to suspect the GOP Congress just might remove the President in favor of the the VP's stealthy undermining. Not to mention what the GOP would consider gaining in a perverted credibility in doing so.
Trump will need more than a "all knowing oracle" in a VP slot. Trump is that oblivious and beyond egocentric
Newt is not a "yes" bubble man.
In other words, the Hyena king must feed on the carcass first and foremost before the pack can gnaw on the bare bone leftovers.
Newter may be too threatening to Trump. Newter is top bill of GOP establishment. Most of all with Donald and Newter, there actually is NO honor amongst thieves.

How I see it, When Trump says he will hire the best, the greatest people to surround him. It is defined as the best bubble people at nodding yes. So naturally I disagree with the Newter choice.
I could not even remotely predict who Trump might pick for VP. I can ironically poke the Fat Albert. Like are you overlooking "son of Trump" (mini me).

His VP is going to have to be able to stand behind him motionless and blink SOS with his eyes as Chris Christie did.
I do not feel Trump looks for actual help from a VP. For him it is just a formality.
He won't need no stinking badges...............
Trump will look for a corporate fall guy.
Someone he can blame for incompetence and FIRE... Dumping the blame. His "apprentice" your fired got rating and he knows it.
So I ask, under some of the above, who would accept that position if asked?

Kevin Holsinger said...

There can be only one Lord of the Rings, Mr. Glass, only one. And he does not share power.
Mr. Gingrich seems a little too arrogant and power-hungry for Future Republican Unperson Donald Trump. Mr. Trump needs someone who'll do all the pesky work, but won't want credit for it.
As far as analogies go, I'd recommend Kato, but he's too...shall we say...ethnic. Mr. Smithers might work a bit better.
Be seeing you.

RUKidding said...

I really don't think Trump will win, so OTOH, it would be great (in a way) to see disgusting Newters as Trump's Veep. Then both could get kicked the curb at once.

When I'm forced to consider both Gingrich and Trump at one time, it's really hard to decide who's worse. Such creepy crooked disgusting filth, they both are. About the only one worse is that Dick, Cheney.

I wonder if Crispy Christie is angling for the slot, or has he been humiliated enough to back away slowly maintianing eye contact. That might be another amusing Veep pick for similar reason to disreptuable Gingrich. Watching Christie getting his big fat ass handed to him this November would be a joy to watch.

Otherwise, it's all fugly, all the time.

PS Of course Trump will lie that he never said the Mexican heritage thing, and all of his pig fans will be out in force on the 'net (probably are right now) in full shrieking delusional denial mode. "Trump NEVER SAID THAT!!11!! Take it back, you LIEbrul weenies!!11!! That YouTube was manipulated by LIEbruls!!11!!"

D. said...

All this talk from Trump about building a wall reminds me of a series by Donald Westlake, where the character is building a wall for therapeutic/atonement reasons.

The usual scheme with the Republican VP nominee is that he (or she) has to be completely unsuitable, so that no one considering the possibility decides that assassinating the president would be a good idea. Who could fulfill that function in Trump's case?

Ed Cooper said...

Take your pick,. Charles Kraphammer and his " deepest, most qualified bench in two generations" of candidates got resoundingly thumped by a Vulgar talking yam . h/T CPP

e.a.f. said...

Newt and Donald, if they are elected I want a wall. I live in Canada and I want a wall to keep those 2 out along with their ilk. we of course will accept political refugees. Just check your guns at the border and we'll give you a free medical card...........

oh, my god, newt and Donald............its time to check for monsters under the bed............

Unknown said...

Trump veep: why not Caitlyn Jenner?