Monday, June 06, 2016

Support-But-Not-Endorse is the new Splunge

From Brother Charlie Pierce:
[Republican leaders] know that He, Trump has exposed the dark and beating heart of both modern conservatism and the electoral success of the modern Republican Party. They can no more distance themselves from it totally as they can distance themselves from their own hearts. So they support, but don't endorse, and assume people are too dim to notice that the proposition is absurd on its face.
Splunge (h/t Monty Python) is one of the greatest and least used words of all time. It is a nonsense syllable used by yes-men, toadies and other species of spineless careerist who desperately want to both look decisive and suck up to a boss whose incoherently oscillating opinions and wild mood swings they cannot predict or control.


RUKidding said...

So they support, but don't endorse, and assume people are too dim to notice that the proposition is absurd on its face.

Ah but the Trumpeters are fricking too dim to notice, and furthermore, they don't care. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Anna Gaw said...

Great clip! I was just reading about a conference call with Trump and his "endorsers". His campaign staff had told them to avoid the Trump University case with the media. Donald says No! They should be talking about it and pointing out how racist the media is for stating facts and stuff!! He is going to do more of this calling and conversing with the GOP minions because he can't trust his campaign staff to do things his way! Lets all pop the popcorn while the Donald rides the GOP over the cliff. If the DNC is smart (I have my doubts) they will slap a Trump sticker on the forehead of every single Republican candidate out there.

RUKidding said...

Just to add: one of these "Never Trump" liars/losers published an editorial yesterday (it showed up in my local rag, but I think it was probably syndicated; too lazy to look it up). This chickenshit "Never Trumpeter" adjured all of us hapless rubes that even though he would never vote for Trump, he was happy to announce why Trump would win and win big - in a proverbial landslide. This accompanied with a half page photo of the Donald.

This is the kind of crap that I guess the 1% thinks is a big laff riot to publish now. Someone paid a lot of money for Trump ad (thinly "disguised" as an editorial), and despite protestations to the contrary, it's clear the message is: Vote for Trump. Better 'n Clinton!!11!!

Robt said...

To be or not to be
To support but not endorse
That is the "Orange Slunge"

Because when you are a brittle tree man of your ideology, principled beyond reproach.

You straddle the fence and squirm your way to the fence post and twirl. Maybe, just maybe the demonic GOP base will be so stigmata'ed by Trump's traveling human carnival.
They will not come to eat the rotting soul from your breathing body.