Tuesday, June 07, 2016

New Trump Ad: "Honesty"


proverbialleadballoon said...

Trump saying that shit about the judge's ancestry is the most hilarious, because he for-sure put another nail in, as far as the gop and Hispanics never going to vote for them ever again. It's just so over the line the media's not really covering for him, and Hispanics especially hate when you disrespect their family and heritage. And as far as the election, he shat his pants a little this week and it's stinky. Calling the judge a Mexican is all a smokescreen to begin with, to take attention away from this case it looks like he's going to lose. And all he's got is calling the judge names.

Robt said...

I am sure Ex Grand Dragon David Duke is so proud of Donald.

Understand, the GOP and its wrong wing radio (media) have been spanking the monkey that Obama has been such a racist. id you know their were black people living in the White House. The one Reagan was in?
Obama the Muslim.

This went on for 7 years. If Obama names another SCOTUS to the court. The white christian will be enslaved.
This is all these munchkins have heard for 7 yrs!
A Trump has risen to extract their souls in the form of votes.

Not much longer can a republican speak in dog whistle speak.
"I support the Donald but not endorse". I will vote for the racist but in public I will not endorse"???
This news just in;
If you support the racist. If you vote for the racist.
Your probably in the Klan.

RUKidding said...

This Ad is propaganda. Trump has never ever gone even one day without spewing out a ton of racist bigoted nasty stuff.

To quote the immortal Bette Davis: "Hold onto your hats my friends. It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

banker puppy said...

Now his new tactic is to tell those in the GOP who express disappointment over his racist shit to get over it. He won, they're losers, party unity=do it his way.

bowtiejack said...

More brilliance! Thank you.

bowtiejack said...

I haven't dug into the details of the various Trump University lawsuits, but it occurs to me that competent lawyers would've included every claim possible.
So, if Trump has personal liability (undoubtedly true) and there's anything to hang punitive damages on (e.g., fraud works under California law), the measure of punitive damages could be truly staggering (YUUUGE!). This thing could be setting up for a Trumperdammerung where we end up gazing out on a smoldering landscape littered with pieces of the GOP and the gilt shards of TRUMP signs. There might be a reason he seems a little edgy.

dinthebeast said...

My friend John: The crazier the claim, the more outraged they have to get when they are called on it.

Me: You just described the entire Republican party.

John: And half of Christianity.

-Doug in Oakland

Batocchio said...

Well done!

easmachine said...

Has it been a whole day? Apparently we aren't counting the daily double down on previous racist crap.