Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

This Sunday before Memorial Day was mostly a wasteland of third-tier clowns, political button men and defrocked moral crusading slot jockeys.

Nothing but Shelley's "lone and level sands" stretching far as the eye could see.

So while the network titans of shame and failure went fishin' and left the hard work of chewed over meaningless poll numbers and empty speculation to their JV squads, let me commend to you a down-the-dial option which you might not usually have noticed.

This Sunday, CNN's Reliable Sources dared to talked about race --

-- the decline of Limbaugh --

-- and the responsibility of journalists when it comes to the lunatic conspiracies that have gobbled up the collective brains of America's right wing --

-- in ways that no one else in the media is doing.

So good on you, Brian Stelter.


dinthebeast said...

The money quote for me was "We have to start being honest." I mean, I liked what he was saying, but to just casually throw out the assumption that the media is not being honest like it's something everyone already knows and then not even point out how seriously fucked up for the country that is; how much damage the media's incompetence is doing to society when you are a part of the media trying to talk about it on TV... Maybe I expect too much humanity where very little actually exists or something, but shouldn't someone be screaming about this shit while it's still in progress?

-Doug in Oakland

banker puppy said...

"Did the press miss 'racial anxiety' in Trump's rise?"

It's an insult to headline the subject in the form of a question, with the word "miss," and with the implication that it wasn't an issue before Trump. Even as CNN discusses race, it whitewashes the fact that the GOP tied racial "othering" to economic well-being as a strategy in response to the civil rights era.