Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Memo to Staff: Make It a Horse-race or You're Fired

If you are a Liberals living in America you have seen this destructive and fraudulent business model play itself out over and over and over again.  From Vox:
As [conservative political analyst Jay] Cost emphasizes, the issue here is not (merely) ideological — it's about basic fitness and competence. A man with Trump's temperament and habits could do real, lasting, no-joke damage as the leader of the free world.

Hillary Clinton, for all her flaws, has demonstrated a basic level of competence. She understands how policy and government work. She's not openly racist; she hasn't encouraged street violence. There's no risk that she would disrupt the international order or cause an economic crisis out of pique.

That's a really, really low bar. But it's the only bar she has to clear in this contest. Almost irrespective of what you think of Clinton's politics or her policies, she is manifestly more prepared to run the federal government than Donald Trump.

The number of people who recognize this elemental fact about the election, however, has probably already reached and passed its peak. It will decline from here on out. The moment of clarity is already ending.

The political ecosystem needs two balanced parties to survive

Why is clarity passing? Because it appears Trump is actually going to be the Republican nominee. It's really happening. And the US political ecosystem — media, consultants, power brokers, think tanks, foundations, officeholders, the whole thick network of institutions and individuals involved in national politics — cannot deal with a presidential election in which one candidate is obviously and uncontroversially the superior (if not sole acceptable) choice. The machine is simply not built to handle a race that's over before it's begun.

There are entire classes of professionals whose jobs are premised on the model of two roughly equal sides, clashing endlessly. The Dance of Two Parties sustains the consultants and activists...
They're going to turn this national disaster a horse-race by hobbling the Democrats and winching the dead carcass of the GOP onto Mark Halperin's pickup truck and driving it to the finish line.

Because the Beltway establishment always fall into line,

And the line is always several thousand miles to the Right of the truth.

And everybody knows it.

Just like everyone knows that, after this latest media-fueled train-wreck is over, all the usual suspects will wring their hands, rend their garments and wonder how everyone could have gotten the story so terribly wrong.


banker puppy said...

"[A]fter this latest media-fueled train-wreck is over, all the usual suspects will wring their hands, rend their garments and wonder how everyone could have gotten the story so terribly wrong."

Actually, it's possible the whitewashed version of Trump will remain intact for decades. St. Ronnie is still revered, after all, despite what is now public record.

In Trump's case, he starts the general election campaign down by about 130-140 electoral votes. He'll have to sweep nearly all the 'not reliably blue or red' states to win in November. That's a tall order.

bowtiejack said...

Nailed it.

trgahan said...

"...the issue here is not (merely) ideological.."

Please, someone show me where Trump's platform fundamentally differs from the other 16 GOP candidates he frog stomped. We're watching "inside voice" Republicans freak out because they lost control of the "outside voice" Republicans.

The media's job is to make sure no one notices that party's political platform has remained unchanged during this entire whole process.

"She's not openly racist"

That right there is right wing propaganda turned to high art. Cause we all know liberals are racists too, am I right?

Lit3Bolt said...

Translation: Yes, most of America is still racist and idiotic. And thus we will pander to them, because we want those sweet sweet racist idiot dollars. Hey, we're barely staying alive here! Give us a break, chump!

Next up on Vox: 10 Reasons Why The Planet, Our Nation, and Our Culture Is Screwed Because We Have Enabled JerkFuck Racist Know-Nothings For Short Term Corporate Gain

keith gargus said...

Amusing that Halperin would have even a metaphoric pickup. I guess he could rent one. I see him in a chauffeur-driven Ford Fairlane station wagon.