Friday, April 15, 2016

The Great White North

Recently, just north of here, the Prime Minister of Canada went full Heisenberg (not that one, the other one) on a snarky reporter.

Meanwhile, down here, this is still the front runner in race to win the presidential nomination of the Party of Lincoln:


keith gargus said...

Nice comparison. An educated leader with wit, versus a third rate comedian doing the worst Joe Pesci I've ever seen.

Yastreblyansky said...

O Canada!

ChicagoPat said...

I'm glad I can finally start envying Canada again.

Robt said...

This is only more evidence pointing to the conclusion that poor magicians cannot provide the illusion of levitating themselves above others.

If the illusion is done correctly. It would leave the audience with the imagined notion the magician self elevated himself over gravity and others out of superior knowledge and application of said knowledge which is elusive to other.
Instead, we see through the poor illustrated enactment of the magic. Seeing that lowing everything else and remaining at the same elevation yourself.
Is not in fact "elevate" one above others.

It merely exposing the desire of self aggrandizing a belief of superiority.

Jim from MN said...

The party of Palin DEMANDS this level of idiocy--they wouldn't accept anything less.

Robt said...

Message to the party of Palin from the party of Beck.

Don't come to Cleveland. or else!

Matt said...

What's sad is that Trudeau's response is actually a bit fatuous and shows no real understanding of the subject matter. He repeated the same sentence twice using slightly different words and made a hand-waving allusion to wave-particle duality, which has about as much to do with quantum computing as horticulture has to do with paleontology -- that is, very generally related subjects, but the line between them is fuzzy and fraught. It's only rocket science by contrast.