Friday, April 01, 2016

Big Damn Heroes

The world if full of heroes.  Firemen.  Neonatal ICU nurses.  Teachers.  My Mom.  Lots of heroes.

But who are the biggest goddamn damn heroes of all?

Why the media of course!

Because after months and months and months of letting Donald J. Trump literally phone-it-in and say whatever and passively pointing their cameras at Donald J. Trump (or at an empty stage and Trump banner at which Donald J. Trump may appear in the near future) the media has begun to nip furiously at the ankles of the monster they helped unleash.  From The Daily Beast: 
Has the Media Worm Finally Turned on Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has had his roughest media week in the campaign, with journalists finally asking tough questions of the Republican candidate.

Is this the moment when the news media—at long last—has begun to hold Donald Trump to account?
And will the Republican frontrunner finally succumb to the accepted rules of politics he had previously flouted—an outcome the Washington establishment frequently predicts and desperately desires?

If so, the media will claim a fair share of the credit...



And for the record, there actually is a group of people who really have been onto Trump from the beginning and, more importantly, have been raising the alarm for decades about the toxic confluence of ignorance, rage and racism within the Republican Party that makes it such easy picking for fascists like Trump and theocrats like Raphael "Ted" Cruz. 

This group is completely ignored by the Beltway Media, and known in the Conservative media as America-hating, God-trashing, terrorist-loving, cut-and-running, baby-killing, dirty Commie surrender-monkeys. 

But you can just call us "Liberals".


RUKidding said...

From where I sit in the further reaches of the peanut gallery - sans tv, little radio & nooz papers - it seems as if the PTB have finally decided that the possibility of a Trump POTUS is so undesirable that it finally, cough cough, trumps ratings filthy lucre.

This is how long it takes, apparently, for the greedy shit heels to finally awaken and realize that making money may, in fact, not be what it's all about after all.

Of course, don't confuse this with patriotism, altruism or any other positive 'ism out there. IMO, it's just that these douchebags have finally awoken to the factual reality that: a) Trump may horn in on their very own long con of fleecing the last few dollars available out of the rubes, and 2) who knows? maybe someone from Deep State or something put the hard word on the media barons that they better start, uh, doing a job on Trump.

Something like that. Took long enough. Figures.

keith gargus said...

The result, whether Drumpf wins the nomination or not? The destruction of the party power structure. Between the co-opting by the Kochtopus and the alienation of it's base, it has little left. Somehow, I dont think this was what Viacom, Comcast, Disney, and Newscorp had in mind.

Cirze said...

Or smart?

But really folks, when the money flows in . . . who really is going to/wants to stop it?

For whatever reason. (Just ask Leslie Moonves.)

And "liberals" (i.e., thinking, well-educated, somewhat decent people) can't really grok the depths of power-lust and greed that have motivated the Republican Party since Nixon.

Whatever replaces the Republican Party (and the Dem one too) will probably just be a more clever version of what deep-sixes it now.

Until they're replaced by something even more useful to the nation's owners (4th-Way, anyone?).

Revolution may mean blood on the street.

And no one here wants that.


We only hope Bernie's intelligent leadership will help us over the rough spots and shine a light into the darkness of the American soul trying to recover from the richly realized neolib dreams of its elite leaders.

Luckily for us the Hillary moment has passed and the Andrew Sullivans of this brand-new upcoming (but still false) world will flexibly (sometimes standing on his head) weave a glittering word tapestry together to explain that no one in charge really knew how things got so bad, but not to worry because they had a great plan to put things aright again.

Just vote for them.

And go back to sleep.

Maryellen Simcoe said...

Happy anniversary Drifty! It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance.

Neo Tuxedo said...


Don't fret, precious, I'm here
Step away from the window
Go back to sleep
Safe from pain and truth and choice
And other poison devils
See, they don't give a fuck about you
Like I do

Count the bodies like sheep
Count the bodies like sheep
Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums...

Mister Roboto said...

I think it's just becoming more and more apparent that Trump's one and only shtick is pandering to the rage of very ignorant working-class white men who have been displaced by changes in the economy and society. When you try to dig deeper for anything underneath that, all you find is a ridiculous and shallow carny scammer.

Jerry B said...

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.