Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Irrelevant Wisconsin Person Endorses Immigrant Lunatic For President

In his bid to remind everyone that he still exists and would very much like to be considered vice presidential timber, Scott Walker has opted not put on a French maid's outfit and join Ben Carson and Chris Christie in Donald Trump's entourage of the damned.  Instead he has gotten permission from his owners to throw his nonexistent-outside-of-the-field-of-theoretical-particle-physics support behind outright madman Ted Cruz.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz
You may begin ignoring this Important!Breaking!News!Story! in 3...2...1...


Jimbo said...

Scotty's getting bored with turning WI into a backwards 3rd World country and wants to take his ideology of fraud, corruption and oligarchy worship to the national stage. Problem is that he's just a dumb tool of Koch Industries and so that hasn't translated well nationally.

RUKidding said...

Lickspittle Walker for hire to whomever his Koch Bosses direct. Lil Licky Scotty will dance to whatever tunes Davie & Chuck instruct.

No doubt slithery Cruzer is happy to accept the ready from the Koch suckers. Money's money after all. That's all that matters. Should Cruzer - shudder - win the White House, Cruzer will happily dance to the Koch tunes, just like licky Scotty.

That's who rightwingers are voting for when they vote for Cruz: mega rich, mega white supremacist, mega shitheads David & Charles Koch.

The rubes don't care. As long as Davie & Chuck let them get their white robes on. 88 or bust, you mother fuckers!

keith gargus said...

Doubt lil Scotty would settle for the veep spot. He is all ambition and no brains. But even a dimwit like Walker knows VP is a political dead-end.
Don't think he'll stop believing that he is the man in 2020.

Drake Mallard said...

The Kochs will spend many more millions to install little "dropped as a baby" Scotty at the Convention.

The Kraken said...

Scotty had his chance and blew it big time. He and his bald spot are relegated to permanent Gauleiter status in a minor province. While he has served his masters competently in vandalizing a once decent state and causing untold misery to our northern neighbors, his ability to sway the pig people there is infinitesimal. My former neighbors are relishing in the moment of not having to look over their shoulders before telling a racist joke anymore. They have long awaited the arrival of the short fingered vulgarian.

Robt said...

Walker has got his orders and it is going to pay well to give his "coveted endorsement" to Cuba Cruz.
Walker had some debt and this could help pay for it.
Plus he gets to pretend he is a GOP elite and is on the "STOP TRUMP" side of the Conservative Bible.
It seems with the threat of Trumpeteers going rouge at Cleveland. I just am enjoying the Guns everywhere crowd's petition (like 50k strong) to allow them their 3nd Amendment right to bear arms during their riot.

But hey, kasich can come to the rescue by calling out his National Guard to quell the conservative dirty hippie Trump rowdies. Thus being so grateful for his display of strength in law and order. Big John rides into the nomination.

I will say this, Trump has every right to go independent in the race and take his following marbles with him. The GOP is too obvious with their elite gang raping of Trump at every corner.
Couldn't happen to a better GOP candidate except Cruz is very deserving as well.
Do you think Trump is making Cruz look sane?

Mister Roboto said...

Not surprising. He's playing to the base. Hardcore Wisconsin right-wing Republicans don't like Trump, but they will heartily endorse or at least turn a blind eye to the more authentic bat-shittery of the likes of Ted Cruz.