Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Culture of Fear

Having said some funny-but-off-color things about some of its iconic cartoon characters within earshot of the wrong people, Mr. Harlan Ellison was famously sacked after working for the Disney corporation for "a total of four hours, including lunch." Being a writer, he wrote about that experience along with a few others in his essay "The 3 Most Important Things in Life."

He left Disney having learned this:
Big business is humorless.

And . . .

At Disney, nobody fucks with The Mouse.
Which, in my experience, are two of life's most important lessons.


Neo Tuxedo said...

The headline "Culture of Fear", in the context of "The 3 Most Important Things in Life", would seem less relevant to "Labor Relations" (in which Unca Harlan had no idea that some of Disney's high sheriffs were Right Behind Me Aren't They) than to the "Sex" and "Violence" portions (Brenda's fear for the carpet, the fear of Harlan and his Texican buddy* that the Voice of Doom would notice them on the way to, or from, Leeee-ROY's buddy).

* I'm just guessing, but "a writer from Texas who loves movies as much and as indiscriminately as I do" sounds like Joe R. Lansdale to me.

bluicebank said...

Back in the day, circa 1984, my first journo job, in the City of Orange, sometimes landed me lounging in the press box at adjacent Anaheim's city council and planning commission sessions. The boys on the bus from AP and L.A. Times informed this young'un that I could write anything I wanted on Anaheim, except when Disney was on the menu.

The O.C. Register gal simply nodded, if that, but only in hopes of getting into the LAT Velvet Coffin.

Not that my little shitty newspaper (Orange City News, which folded after I stopped darkening its doors) was worth bothering with, but Disney had this cutie bring to the low and high journos condiments whenever Disney was on the agenda. I suppose I was killing time away from the war between my publisher and Orange City Hall.

But not even the Los Angeles Times dared fuck with Disney; Associated Press was slumming upward like me; the OC Register was always a nervous wreck when the shadow of Walt walked in. Because advertising.

Never seen such a thing, at least not before journalism traded in its bicycle cards in the 1990s.

Unknown said...

martin bashir sux tho :/

Robt said...

Just love that American freedom.

Especially speech. When it pertains to Freedom of the press.

Must be complicated when Government must provide the birth of a Corporation.
That corporation grows up to own a news network that gets its special freedom from the Constitution.
But now, corporations are people.

So a Corporation owns the press and now with personhood. restricts that very speech.