Friday, January 08, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #318: Our 6th Anniversary Show!

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it..”
-- Winston Churchill



Lawrence said...

I really prefer Anne Hathaway to Julie Newmar. I'm not including Michele Pfiefer in the ranking because though she is quite nice, that one sucked.

Cliff said...

I like your idea for a Science Fiction University podcast/writing class. Sign me up if you guys decide to do it!

Robt said...

If you are taking suggestions.

How about reversing roles for a God in science fiction and placing Bible Bitch on the grill.
Example, War of the Worlds.(original). A priest walks out from behind the human battle line towards the alien space ship.
Before he is vaporized by the aliens.
What was the priest reciting?
Actually, he had a Bible and was quoting from it as he walked out to face the aliens. What chapter and verse?
Perhaps Dog Face Herman could assist and DG can pose Questions to BG ( in Bible Bitch mode).
There are many SCI FI movies with religious overtones or story lines to chose from.
You can think about trying Biblical movies to question Bible Bitch.
Just a twisted thought.............
But I enjoy the SCI FI Q & A and would not want to lose it.

Glen Tomkins said...

Not on topic, but you've probably heard David Effing Brooks has criticized Cruz over the "dark Satanic tones" of his campaign rhetoric.

David F Brooks meets William F Blake, and both look worse for the encounter.

portlandmaxtrains said...

Writing class:

"Yeoman Mary Sue stood behind the Captain. She couldn't see his steely gray eyes and square chin from there, but she could see his broad shoulders, tight core, and a butt that looked like it was chiseled from granite, complete with the dimple that made sure she would drop her force shields before the first engagement."