Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Happy 11th Blogiversary To the Amazing @BlueGal

A fierce writer, gifted artist, and many other thing which I have no intention of discussing.

Warnt no YouTubes back inna day, kids.  Nor the Twitter.  We had to carve this stuff into tree-bark, on horseback riding uphill though the worst blizzard you can imagine.

Both ways!


We used to dream of living in a corridor.

Love you baby!


Jimbo said...

Happy Decade + 1 Blogiversary, Mr Glass and Ms Gal!

Fran / Blue Gal said...

I love you too. Very passionately! And as ever, Andrea eat your heart out.

dinthebeast said...

Happy blogiversary Blue Gal! As a life-long musician, I have a soft spot for beautiful, intelligent sound engineers...

-Doug in Oakland

zuzuzpetals said...

What a great 11 years! On to 11 more!

Yastreblyansky said...

If I'm not mistaken there was a formal announcement at Kos (where I was a silent lurker), and it was probably the most pleasing news of the day. Mazel tov!

waldo said...

Best wishes for another happy and rewarding 11 years

Ben Boyce said...

We love Blue Gal at our house. "Bible Bitch" is our favorite part of TPL. The stock phrase in our household is:
"That's not Sciptural!"

Ben Boyce said...

We love Blue Gal at our house. "Bible Bitch" is our favorite part of TPL. The stock phrase in our household is:
"That's not Sciptural!"

Anonymous said...

Good going - keep it up!

Sandman said...

Happy Anniversary!

Robt said...

More thought on Carson
recent history with the GOP starting just with Obama. We saw Bachmann, Herman Cain, Santorum et al having their time in the conservative shadows. Watch that herman Cain! Cain is now a conservative radio host.
This is the GOP primary,
We all are aware of the irrationale of their primaries.
They are obsessed with blaming Obama for every ill they incur from a aching corn on their middle toe to getting a flat tire.
They do not understand their own actions from their own conservative leaders including Congress to the SCOTUS.
Obama asked Congress to vote on action in the middle East and the GOP controlled House refused to vote while at the same time blasting Obama for inaction in the middle East in their conservative media.
But Ben Carson in the primaries could be the primary GOP voters shoving an inexperienced black man in the facrs of their enemy the "Liberals"
They claim Obama had no experience and equate this with Carson.

Will the racists and supremacists vote Carson in the end?

If you noticed, Preacher Huckabee hasn't riled up the Fundamentalist religious right. Carson is most definitely arousing them.
At the same time, we saw the SCOTUS rule on marriage light many on the right afire. Abortion extremists are amassing.
I read the Tea Party support has dropped to apprx 17% from their high of about 30%.
I see Carson bringing out the religious right, Trump riling up the angry, Ranfi Paul pulling in the Libertarians. Rubio for the latinos and youth,
Leading all their factions to the Kool-aid hole.
That is when they feed them their establishment candidate, whomever that be. maybe Romney drops in like the Dark Night answering the bat signal in the sky.
But I see the factions all being riled up by their perspective faction pied pipers.
When a science denier is put in charge of NASA and science for the country
inanery and foolnanery is a moral compass of great character. That is when you have arrived at the GOP presidential primary.
Be advised, They are riling the tribes and it is working.

jim said...

Happy Blogging Undecennial!