Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

"With a snow white pillow for his big fat head" Edition.

I'm keeping SMCD high and tight today and sometime in the next week I'll roll out my annual birthday fundraiser. As you know, I don't run ads on this site, or have additional, premium-content. I also have no sponsors, no staff, and have no byline in any established publication which pays me a salary and for which this blog is an adjunct. It's still just me, doing my own writing, editing, artwork, research and so on. And since I am now +6 years unemployed/underemployed, from time to time I put out the tip jar to raise money to (not figuratively) mend the roof  and provide for the family.

So, with that said...

...on "Meet the Press" this week, Shuck Todd proves that he has never read a single comic book in his entire life by firing a bolt of the most potent form of Beltway Green Kryptonite (my Beltway friend will no like you if you keep busting up the furniture) at Republican Bizarro Superman:

CHUCK TODD: You know, there's another way to look at this, Senator Cruz, which is you stood up on Obamacare, you stood up on Planned Parenthood, you stood up on immigration and nobody follows you.

SEN. TED CRUZ:  Well, that-- that's--

CHUCK TODD:  I mean-- I'm-- I'm just saying nobody in Washington follows you.

SEN. TED CRUZ:  I-- look--

CHUCK TODD:  You have to-- if you get elected President, you gotta get somebody to follow your lead in Washington whether you like it or not.
Poor Chuckles.  No one told him that Bizzaro Supermen grow stronger in the presence of Green Kryptonite, that the Republican base now regards open contempt for Washington as a badge of honor and that Ted Cruz's entire strategy consists of running against Chuck Todd's Washington as a corrupt cesspit while drafting along right behind Donald Trump and hoping to step in and lead his meathead army once Trump ascends bodily to Heaven.

And lemme tell you, his Heaven will be a yoooge Heaven.

And he'll walk through the front door.
SEN. TED CRUZ:  Listen, at the end of the day, it-- it's not about Republican leadership. And by the way in each of those fights, just about every time we've had a battle between me and leadership with a Republican caucus, about 1/2 of the caucus has been with me. About 1/2 of the caucus has been with leadership.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for someone who's running to be a member of the club, that's not me. You know, it's interesting. You were reading all the attacks. You know, I mention in my book, my book, I quote all of the nasty things Republicans have said about me. And, you know, in response to that, I don't reciprocate much to the annoyance of many in the media who want me to attack Donald Trump, want me to attack Mitch McConnell, want me to attack John Boehner. I don't attack any of them.
So how is it possible that the Republican presidential field can be dominated by liars and lunatic running on the idea of burning the government down, when the reason that government is broken in the first place is because of repeated and premeditated sabotage by Republican liars and lunatics?

How does the Big Lie of Both Siderism continue to thrive in such an environment?

Paging Ron Fourier...
RON FOURNIER: Congressman Pompeo, your party promised to run-- a nonpartisan, non-witch hunt campaign. That's been proven to be false. Congressman Schiff, your party, your candidate promised us that what she did with her emails was above board and didn't jeopardize or even potentially compromise U.S. secrets. We know that is false. What is either party going to be able to do, or going to try to do to try to restore some modicum of credibility to a system that's hemorrhaging trust? Both your parties have been lying to us.
On The Twitter, Eric Boehlert wonders if we have reached Peak Fournier:

Of course, you and I know better. Until some really horrific professional consequences start being meted out to the likes of Mr. Fournier, there is no "peak Fourier."

In fact, if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- forever.

And then imagine Ron Fournier getting paid to blame Both Sides -- forever.

Also and as predicted (because I know you care :-) following his very public "Both Sides Don't!" implosion in the New York Times on Tuesday, Mr. David Brooks appears to have been checked in to a very nice Villager Nervous Hospital for the Temporarily Forthright until he gets his mind right.

Because they care so deeply about the well-being of their momentarily afflicted leader. as a part of his therapy, David Brooks' friends and colleagues on every single Sunday show all agreed not mention the very icky thing he wrote in the newspaper.   In fact, the only mention made of the ubiquitous Mr. Brooks anywhere was on "This Week..." where Martha Raddatz quoted a sliver of Mr. Brooks' column from two weeks ago in which he castigated Hillary Clinton for doing exactly the same thing he had applauded Mitt Romney for doing in 2012:
RADDATZ: ...David Brooks wrote in "The New York Times," "This was not only a substantive flip-flop, it was so naked, it amounted to a bold and clarion statement of faith on behalf of flip-flopping itself. It suggested a whole style of campaigning and method of governing based on the principle of unprincipledness."
And the fatuous Mark Halperin agreed that David Brooks is the King of All Beltway Media:
HALPERIN: ...David Brooks represents the view of the media at large, which is one mistake by Hillary Clinton in this debate will be the only story. She knows that.
Because if the Villagers know one thing, it's that any story which confounds their basic Both Siderist party line can be deflected or destroyed if they all agree to just ignore it hard enough (See also, "Since Bill O'Reilly Is A Big 'Ol Liar, Why Hasn't He Been Fired Yet?")


Kathleen O'Neill said...

Loved how Chuckles framed the topic of McCarthy's admitting to the reason for the Benghazi hearings: "Will this undermine the committee hearings going forward"? Chuckles went on to say that, well, if we hadn't had the Benghazi hearings we would have never known about Hilary's emails (as if this were a good thing). Hence my tweet to you: "Shorter Chuck Todd: Without the fake Benghazi scandal we would never know about the fake email scandal".

I also noted he was more jovial with Cruz than he was with Obama, Clinton and Sanders, where he is always in "sticking it to the Librul Man" mode. The man needs to be publicly humiliated.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Jesus God Hell. Laputa was more attached to Balnibarbi than the Repugnican Party and its Village enablers are to the world in which we mere mortals live and move and have our being.

jjstraka said...

What's starting to piss me off as much as the blatant propaganda is the fact that these assholes are so fucking lazy. These centrist pundits get paid six-figure salaries (at least) to essentially regurgitate copy and paste talking points that require no more actual "work" than making a piece of toast in the morning. There isn't just wingnut-welfare anymore, centrist-GOP apologist welfare is in full effect.

dinthebeast said...

What could be more publicly humiliating than being CHUCK TODD? Except that his shame circuit seems to have been soldered shut right about the time that the cheese slipped off of his cracker...

-Doug in Oakland

Kathleen O'Neill said...

@jjstraka: "There isn't just wingnut-welfare anymore, centrist-GOP apologist welfare is in full effect." This.

@Doug in Oakland: Sigh. True that.

Eddie Murphy said...

I can see why you're unemployed - at least as a writer. Your blog is free so you don't have hosting costs. Just what exactly IS it you want money for? I'm sure this comment won't make it through but that's okay. Since you moderate the comments, you get my point.

Chan Kobun said...

Your pathetic hit and run is duly noted, posted despite your insistence that it wouldn't be, and IGNORED, Megatron-style.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Eddie Murphy must have done the voice of Donkey so many times that he actually became a jackass.

Oh, wait--this is probably a different Eddie Murphy; my bad. ;)

John MacCuish said...

"Without the fake Benghazi scandal we would never know about the fake email scandal."
They are starting now to impeach her. They know it will take longer than 8 years. They'd better start now.

We will need Mo Brooks to tell us why this is necessary. (Is there something in the Brooks' gene pool??)

Wow. The gates of Bedlam are wide open.

New_Damage said...

Always loved that song.

Red Rain is better, though certainly not cogent to this post.

Eddie Murphy said...

I see you just deflected my question but really didn't bother answering. The blog is free, your writing almost reaches amateur level, so why are you asking for money? People should be aware of these kinds of rip-offs. You should be ashamed.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The commenters are answering your "question", Eddie -- some of them, anyway. Our host, apparently, is taking the same attitude to your "question" that Nick Fury did to the World Security Council's decision to nuke New York. And if so, rightly so in my opinion.