Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Someone Send Another Case Of Ketchup To The Beltway

Once again, the Beltway media is beginning to wrap their tiny, parochial minds around an idea which Liberals have been shouting from the rooftops all along.

From the WaPo:
Is it time to concede that Donald Trump is likely to win the GOP nomination?

By Philip Bump October 21 at 9:50 AM

One of the more unusual aspects of Donald Trump's three-plus months at the top of the Republican presidential field is that to so many, myself included, it still seems like it's only temporary. A number of people who spend a lot of time looking at the numbers have, since he took the lead in July, written about the various reasons why his lead would be temporary — again, myself included. People who rely on poll data were saying, in some sense, "I'm going with the numbers in my gut."

But the real numbers, including those in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, support the idea that Trump will continue to lead and that he could win the nomination.

There's the top-line number, of course, which shows Trump with a lead over the rest of the field. Nearly a third of Republican voters pick Trump as their candidate, followed by 22 percent who choose Ben Carson. As we noted last week, those two share a base of support, meaning that if one were to drop out, the other could and probably would pick up much of his support. In other words: Trump has some room to grow.
Kudos to Mr. Bump for owning his error.

That said, Jesus Christ on a Quinnipiac poll, of course it is possible that Trump could win the Republican nomination.

Because instead of hiding under my bed and trying to pretend the monsters away by incanting the all-purpose Majyk Beltway Conjure Words "BothSidesBothSidesBothSides" Liberals like me have bothered to notice what was actually happening in our own country.  Bothered to notice what a paranoid, bigoted, fascist shithole the GOP was turning itself in order to better reflect the mindset of its Fox News/Hate Radio base.  Bothered to notice that the mainstream media has made frantically denying this fundamental fact about the GOP their full-time job.  Bothered to notice that the interlocking scams being run by the GOP and the mainstream media both depend entirely on burying the inconvenient past and then reburying it every time it claws itself out of its tomb and back into the light.

So Mr. Bump, you want to understand how the GOP base thinks and acts, stop hanging around with professional Conservative liars and the Beltway Both Siderists who aid and abet them:

If you want understand how the GOP base thinks and acts, ask the people who have been mapping the vectors of their plague and trying to sound the alarm for years.


trgahan said...

An important fact is that not only are Trump and Carson dominating the field running hate-filled, outside voice, policy devoid campaigns but the remaining field is filled with a gaggle of post-2008 Beltway branded Republican Party/Conservative Movement Saviors...some branded as recently as 2014.

Worse the former Saviors hold/ have held elected office and have some form of political machines behind each of them. AND yet they can't gain and hold a inch on Trump, Carson, or Carly.

EPA said...

I look at it this way:

The mainstream media is like a bunch of insecure, anxious, over-eager teenage boys, and every liberal is "fag." NOBODY is going to talk to, listen to, or even acknowledge the presence of a real liberal argument because that MAKES THEM A "FAG." Then all the other networks will point at them and laugh, and they'll never get a date and they'll be virgins forever.

If someone in the news media even tries to seriously and honestly characterize a real liberal point of view, he's got to immediately "Butch" himself up by presenting some Conservative B.S. because if he doesn't, he'll have the "GAY" on him, and that shit doesn't wash off.

Jimbo said...

The GOP "Establishment" (i.e. the ones that drool less) are in a real dillema: as many have observed, they played the mole people for fools, in the past, promising the worst kind of policies and either getting defeated at the polls even in Republican states (MO and IN) or just ignoring the Base and pivoting to the Oligarchs after the election. So now, what do they do? They could just go with Trumpmentum (Carson is really just too crazy and incoherent) or go with Fiorina as the female counterpoint to Hils. Or they could do an "intervention" and simply limit the acceptable candidates to Jeb(!), Kasich, and Christie. That would lead to a riotous convention far worse than the 1968 Democratic Convention. Personally, I think there is a real chance we could have an all female Presidential election. As horrible as Fiorina is, she could overtake Trump.