Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Leader of the Republican Field

Continues to get YOOOOGE mileage bootlegging Liberal blogger opinions from 10 years ago.

We are living in a Kurt Vonnegut novel.


trgahan said...

Yet this is probably the one threat to FoxNews Roger can’t fully defend without significantly damaging his network. Say what you will about liberals getting pissy with each other over who and who isn’t “liberal enough;” it is nothing like the utter career destroying banishment a conservative faces when a charge of “Not a True Conservative” starts to stick.

The conservative base wants revenge, not government. The candidate that speaks to that is the one in control.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

The late, unlamented USSR, for all its crimes and follies, at least served the useful function of doing the most to destroy Nazism.

If The Donald actually ruins Faux Noise, I will be able to make a similar comment about The Donald.

John Taylor said...

The performing bear turns on his trainer and tormenter. What's not to like?

Henny said...

I have a question for Drifty and other Foxologists: what does the combination of Trump plus Rupert's kid inserting himself in the News Corp chain of command portend for Roger Ailes?

LACoincidental said...

When will our media realize that Donald Trump's entire campaign is a billion dollar performance art and scam? As DG rightfully pointed out The Donald is not looking to become President, he's using his patented braggadocio and 'razzle dazzle' to coral conservative voters and hold the wingnut vote hostage until Reince Priebus & Roger Ailes yield to whatever media power he can extort from them.

Wait, this is the same beltway media where Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd & Thomas Friedman are the wise men of conventional wisdom and where Dick Cheney is interviewed from the ABC News studios and not a federal prison. Forget I asked.