Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rich Lowry: Whiny Liberal Whiner

Sure it can be maddening when you see that the only Liberals in the mainstream media are of the straw-man variety, and only manufactured and trotted out when the Beltway sages need to "Both Side" some Republican atrocity out of existence.

But it is also also liberating -- because no one knows or cares about what we say, we are free to be as honest as we wish.

Like for example, watching the same people who have spent their careers cowing the media into bending over for Conservatives on demand...

...suddenly hazzing an enormous sad because the media is bending over for the wrong Conservative.

Rich Lowry, sobbing his venom sacs dry in the pages of his own magazine:
The Media’s Stupid Trump Obsession

It's not just that Trump dominates the coverage himself. Whenever another candidate gets on the air, he or she is invariably asked questions about the latest controversies about Trump (and some candidates have foolishly played the game by attacking Trump to try to get attention). Pope Francis will be lucky not to be repeatedly asked about Trump's favorite Bible verse during his visit here.

The cable networks treat Trump campaign rallies like a car chase. They go to them live and follow them to the end. The rallies are considered theoretically newsworthy, although they are always the same -- Trump talks about his poll numbers, about building a wall and about Jeb Bush's low energy, over and over again.

Ben Carson should be considering suing for equal time. He, too, is an outsider who has struck a nerve and rocketed up in the polls, but he gets a fraction of the coverage of Trump. No one consistently live-broadcasts his events. No one badgers all the other candidates to address every little thing he says.

The difference is that Donald Trump rates. So the self-styled gatekeepers of our politics, who take themselves so seriously, are happy to slum it with him.

Roger Ailes taught the world that ratings rule, but now it almost seems like Fox News contributor doesn't trust unfettered capitalism to separate what's important from what's boring and stupid.  

Stings like Hell when the media tells you and your little concerns to go pound sand because they want to go wall-to-wall with Week 35 of the "Ow My Balls!" marathon, doesn't it?

Also this -- "Ben Carson should be considering suing for equal time." -- is especially delicious.  Yes, Rich, Ben Carson might well have sued them for equal time...had Reagan, Bork and Scalia not conspired to drag the Fairness Doctrine down to the White House basement and shoot it in the head in 1987.

Welcome to Liberalville, punk.

UPDATE:  And of course the comments over at America's White Supremacist Journal of Record
are just as perfect as you would imagine:
Greyledge Gal
The reality show is that previously devoted Fox News viewers have finally had enough of Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina being shoved down our throats and are tuning over to CNN, NewsMax (and I even found myself watching MSNBC for the 1st time in years the morning after the debate) just to avoid it.

I have not made up my mind who I will vote for but I know it will not be Jeb Bush and it might be Donald Trump.

Sorry Rich. Illegal immigration is too important. Tell your D.C. contacts that we are going to go around them if we have to, but we are going to have something done. Trump IS YOUR FAULT Lowry so don't blame the media and don't blame us. Blame the Republican establishment.

Ummm, Rich...he's kind of a phenomena and that would be the media's job to cover him. You all should get over your envy of him. He's rich, good looking for a man his age and he's got the girl. Leader of the free world is just too much for you?

Rich, I clicked on your article because it had the word Trump in it.

How many stories are up right now about Trump on National Review? Hypocrite!


Unknown said...

Thus are starbursts turned to tear stains. Hey,I think God's winking at us!

Robt said...

From the Trump rally where he failed the "McCain Test". The GOP Pied-Pipers leading the rats out to there self destructive vote. Leading them out of their Klan tents, their Neo NAZI bunkers. Only to have that dog whistle piper candidate to stop whistling Dixie.
Once at the edge of the cliff with no one to follow. Is when they force feed JEB!. Because you cannot vote for the best person for the job. It has to be "one of them".
You have the task of getting them frothed and out.
Then it is up to JEB! to grab and hold them so they do not retreat to their asylums. Because if they retreat to their asylums, they will not vote.

Although I am not a robot. I must continually espouse it.

dinthebeast said...

I've said this so many times now that I forget where sometimes, but I don't think I've said it here yet, so:
Whoda thunk it? They built this monster to win elections, and now there it is, shambling around in the light of day, WINNING AN ELECTION, and they're freaking out about it? Sorry, guys, but us disreputable hippies over here on the left have been telling you that it was a bad idea to build the monster the WHOLE TIME, so excuse us while we do our dead level best to make sure the damn thing doesn't actually get elected and trash the country even worse than last time...

-Doug in Oakland

bluicebank said...

Speaking of how Both Sides DON'T Do It, notice the difference between Republican incredulity about Trump's rise, and Democratic understanding about the emergence of Sanders (with with exception of Hillary's campaign, natch).

The Republican bigs & toadies seem genuinely surprised at that which they wrought. They're still scratching their heads over the results of adding baking soda to vinegar.

But no one is surprised that Sanders, espousing old school Democratic positions, is popular to us paleo-liberals, being as we read history. Nor is anyone surprised by Hillary, standing firmly in the camp of neo-liberalism, because of the 1990s and so forth.

Pinkybum said...

@bluicebank - you could just have left it at Democratic (or shall we say liberal/progressive) understanding.

DrBB said...

"good looking for a man his age"

Seriously, if you're looking for the right qualification to get "good looking" on the list, I woulda thought "for a man with a combover that looks like an orange beaver lives on his head" would be more to the point.