Thursday, September 17, 2015

"And finally I would like to thank Bill Maher...

...for working so long and hard for so many years to help Ann Coulter build her career." 
-- Hitler In Hell


Robt said...

Oh Ann,
This reminded me when a co worker (conservative working in a socialist union). convinced me on a dare to read one of Coulter's books. Yes, I agreed. Mostly because I would have absolute first eye knowledge to challenge my co workers political misconceptions. Which he sort of deserved from the many conservative based accusations toward everything Non republican.
As I read several chapters in. Coulter began citing references of source and evidence to substantiate her absurd notions of "Liberals, Obama,blah blah blah).

She would refer as source to what she claimed in chapt. 7 by citing her own accusations in chapt. 3.
This was common throughout t her book.
Basically, what I claim here is true. To back up my accusation, refer to an expert on the matter. Where I (myself) made this same accusation. So therefore it is true.
Never again will I read anything she writes, Screeching, unfounded self proclaimed lies based on her stating this lie prior to this time.
I think Bill and Ann have partied many a time together. I wonder if Sarah Palin was on his show if he would give her the Coulter treatment?

The republican waltz for president is not really a dance. It's illusion of reality of a dance. Includes many more like Ann.
You merely have to take the blue pill if you are curious enough. You may take the red pill and return to FOX. It is your choice.

ChicagoPat said...

Read Senator Al Franken's beautiful dissection of most of her work some time.