Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today In "Both Sides Do It": Eugene Robinson, Turd Polisher

Eugene Robinson disappoints anyone who held out hope that there might be someone, somewhere inside the Imperial media establishment who isn't willing to shine David Brooks' shoes for a living:
The rise of Donald Trump is evidence that our political system isn’t working

By Eugene Robinson Opinion writer

The Republican Party is in total chaos. Democrats aren’t there yet but may be approaching the neighborhood. It’s time to acknowledge that our political system simply isn’t doing its job.
No, actually it's time to acknowledge that our political media simply isn't doing its job.

It's time to acknowledge that our old media plow-horses need to be put out to pasture, because with very few exceptions, even the best of them have stopped knowing how to do anything but eat, sleep, and shit out fresh piles of Both Siderism to add to the Himalaya-sized shitpile of Both Siderism atop which they have lived for so long that they can no longer smell the shit out of which their world is made.

1 comment:

bowtiejack said...

Excellent. Just excellent.

But of course we await the weeping, wailing, etc. of the Fourth Estate Apparatchik Corps in response to the "unjust reckless" attacks on them.