Friday, August 14, 2015

Gloria In Excelsis Both Siderism

The Beltway praises it's One, True God. (h/t alert reader "Wal")


DeistPaladin said...

Ironically, Donald Trump isn't the far right in the GOP lineup. He's actually the most moderate among them. He's the voice of reason, the adult in the room, or what passes for it these days comparatively. Scary, I know.

The others have better PR but their policies are much more destructive and radical.

Red Hand said...

"Tapping into."

It's like all those talking heads got their instructions straight from Borg Central. "Resistance is futile. Both Sides!"

I guess it must be true. A thousand media braying asses can't be wrong, can they?

Paul Wartenberg said...

Trump is not much of a moderate when it comes to immigration issues and foreign policy positions. He may be sensible about Planned Parenthood, but that alone does not disguise his pandering on Far Right matters as extreme as any of the self-declared Pure Conservatives in the field.

jim said...

That meme is not dead which can never die, & with strange eons something something BENGHAZI!!!

"Tapping into the American Zeitgeist" - SHITTIEST. CONCEPT. ALBUM. EVER.

"Here's what we know..." = "Open wide for this snake-oil or I'm fired."

Tim Pawlenty?
Michael Steele?
Fuck, why aren't throw Carrot Top & Madonna in there too?

Unknown said...

``Tell them what they've won, Johnny.''
``A NEW, Tappin' Range!!!''

Richard Luken said...


Now the Jon Stewart has left, thanks for having the patience to put togeter the video collage. Of course in the intro, Bernie is Stage Left and Trump Stage Right.

Listening to your compilation reminded me of Timoth Crouse's The Boys on the Bus, in wwhich he described the pack journalism of the '72 capaign, which today has come close to reaching it's apotheosis with 24 hour "news" channels. While I suspect that most of your readers with be familiar with this book, I recommend a trip to the local library for any who may have missed it.