Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Inimitable Nicole Sandler

Was kind enough to invite me on Radio Or Not today.

You can hear it here, if you're of a mind to.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly had fun :-)

Thanks, Nicole!


MedicineMan55 said...

One of the observations Ms. Sandler made that I found very interesting is how the whole attempt to promote this fast track mechanism is an ongoing effort by Congress to legislate themselves out of having to be involved in making tough decisions. This is a strange re-occurring phenomenon with the US Congress. Is it simply that they do not wish to be responsible, or be seen as responsible for any big decisions?

bowtiejack said...

MedicinMan 55

There is something that happens in poker (I'm talking Texas Hold'em) where some people, uncertain what to do, will simply push all-in. That relieves them of having to make any hard decisions (i.e. having to know what to do ) as later cards fall.

I have a sense that something similar is going on here. In other words, ignoramuses (I'm looking at you Clarence Thomas who never asks questions at oral argument so as not to be revealed as a fool) will take the path of least resistance to cloak their own ineptitude (or as Mel Brooks says in Blazing Saddles "keep our phoney baloney jobs!").

MedicineMan55 said...

bowtiejack: I suspect you are basically right. Simply occupying their seat in Congress or on Committees gives them the lifelong careers they want.

Victor said...

I love how you work in so many of those things you say frequently. Your words need to become memetic.