Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First They Came For The Brownshirts

Bill Kristol has long since stopped being ideologically distinguishable from the fascists his father fought to defeat in World War II.

I have no idea how this scumbag is still a respected employee at ABC News.

But he is.

And there must be a pretty horrifying reason why.

And everyone who knows what that reason is refuses to talk about it.

Finding out on behalf of the public why it is impossible to fire a leering monster like Bill Kristol used to be the work of people called "journalists", but now "journalists" are the ones who keep Mr. Kristol's secrets for him.

We are so screwed.


Anonymous said...

Well at least he got widely laughed at on the Twitters.

I feel nothing but compassion and sorrow for the thousands and thousands of boys and young men on both sides who were slaughtered on the battlefields fighting in a war they had nothing to do with. As in all wars. But that's no reason to fetishize the symbols of that war and confuse them with "legacy" and "heritage".

Jerry B said...

Bill's part of our generation and we were brought up on a steady diet of glorification of the confederacy in both film and television during much of the last century. It's only natural for someone like Bill to get a little upset when the insurrectionists are finally being labeled as the traitors they were.

crweaver said...

If one is going to defend those who shill for such persons who took up arms against America while posturing as 'patriots', then one might as well also pay tribute to the likes of the German-American Bund or the America First Committee. After all, wasn't Charles Lindbergh a 'real Murrican'?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

What is patriotism to any country, other than a misguided loyalty to whatever glorified criminal gang happens to hold the totems of Official Authority?

jim said...

Symbiosis. Trolls offer their drama-llama skills to the sponsors who profit from hiring them.