Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear Dr. Maddow

Please explain this.

Grab a camera, traverse the 100 yards between your offices at MSNBC and Joe Scarborough's, and ask Joe why he keep putting this blood drunk sociopath on teevee on your network.

The continued presence of Valued-ABC-News-Employee Bill Kristol on American television is not some inexplicable weather event or ancient mystery the roots of which have been lost to time.   The continued presence of this perpetually-wrong, smirking ghoul Bill Kristol on American television is the result of affirmative decision made by people with names and titles and phone numbers.

You are clearly aware of and piss off by this problem --

-- and you are the public face and voice of MSNBC.

So why don't you make like a journalist, stick a camera in front of Squint and bid him explain

exactly why he keeps putting this creature who is more reptile than man on television (h/t the lovely Blue Gal.)


Jerry B said...

She's smart enough to know the moment she does something like that she'd be out the door. There's no way Phil is going to let anyone hurt Joe's feelings.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Not going to happen. She is an ambitious "team player". Also, I've read elsewhere that she gushed over Pat Buchanan and called him "Uncle Pat".

Even if her network frowned up it I don't think she would do it. And I'm not criticizing her for it - she's nothing more than a creature of today's media (albeit much more intelligent than 99% of her fellow travelers) and I don't expect her to reflect my beliefs or fight my battles.

bowtiejack said...

Having watched the Maddow clip, I must protest both your and her unfair use of facts, records and history.
I know it is hard for people like you to understand - people who did not learn at the knee of a Trotskyist father turned uber-conservative, who did not get Harvard degrees paid for them and have Alan Keyes for a roommate, who work silly little jobs, if they can get jobs, and who do not understand the brilliant insights that flow from being cosseted by the great wingnut grift to come up with those insights - people we might refer to as "the great unwashed".
But Bill Kristol is not wrong and has never been wrong, just as conservatism cannot fail but can only be failed. It is that great unwashed that repeatedly gets it wrong. In short, it is reality that is wrong.
And you better watch your step.

Lawrence said...

The problem I have with the "I must remain silent to keep my job" defense is this concept I have of "having enough money". Anyone who has stared wistfully at the Powerball billboard on their way to the job they hate understands this concept. Unless there is a completely seperate pay scale for Dr. Maddow, television personalities get paid. Also books, and hers is quite good. So what is your number Dr. Maddow? 10, 30, 50 million? Are you saving? Is that the plan? Worst case scenario: Comedy Central won't hire you, and you have to be a blogger in a humble zipcode. And you never take orders from anyone again. Or do you like the life too much to give it up?