Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Creepy Stalkers Announce Plans To Finally Leave Nice Lady Alone

I'd like to take credit for this, but these people don't listen to me.


From my email in-box:
Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America  

Drift --

Today, after six amazing months of powerful grassroots organizing, Democracy for America and MoveOn are announcing the suspension of our Run Warren Run campaign, effective this Monday, June 8, following the delivery of our petition urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president.

While we did not achieve our primary goal before suspending Run Warren Run, the good news is that -- as one headline put it -- "Elizabeth Warren may not be running, but she’s in the 2016 race anyway."

This was not an easy decision to make...
From my email in-box 20 minutes later:
Ilya Sheyman, MoveOn.org Political Action 

Dear MoveOn member,

Last December, MoveOn members set out to do two things when we launched our Run Warren Run campaign: illuminate and broaden the path for Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016, should she decide to do so; and build a grassroots movement to fight alongside her.

Six months after starting this journey, we've helped demonstrate the tremendous base of grassroots support and energy—not just for Elizabeth Warren, but for her vision of a democracy restored and an economy that works for everyone.

Now, we're shifting our focus to support that vision...
Hey!  Maybe it's not too late to repurpose their hustlebuck machinery slightly and start demanding that Elizabeth Warren give up her vital seat in the Senate in a futile run for the president of FIFA!

Also send us $3!

These people raised a shit-ton of money by stalking Elizabeth Warren long after she made it 100% clear that she wanted them to leave her the fuck alone.

I wonder where all that money went?  I know for sure that not a nickel of it ever found it's way into one of my tin-cup fundraisers.

Ah well, another political mystery to which I will never be privy.



john_m_burt said...

Re political mysteries: Bismarck, sausages, &c.

Also, someone I know was privy to Top Secret documents long ago. She told me that almost all of them were things she would rather not have learned (like the actual contents of the body bag buried as the sacred remains of Pvt. Jenkins).

Mike Lumish said...

All the little elwiors must be crushed.

In the sense that all the pure of heart true believers who have burdened us with their assurances that no really means yes and "I'm not running" means only that she is not running today but has in fact made up her mind to announce in the near future, those people must surely be unhappy about this news.