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10 Years After: 2012 -- The Unsullied

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with the Presidential Election year of 2012.

In 2012, the Dead Hand of David Broder continued to guide the plow which tilled the fertile delta land of The Center.

That is where all the money and clout was, that wasn't already being sucking into the Roger Ailes/Hate Radio wingnut singularity.

And in a well-appointed wing of The Center, Mr. Andrew Sullivan continued to successfully monetize apostasy and refine that perfect antimatter unicorn which exists no place but Mr. Sullivan's bong-smoke-girdled ideological dorm room known as "True Conservatism" ... all while bending himself like a flashlight beam at a black hole convention in order to avoid mentioning that Liberals had been right all along.

As a result, he spent a lot of time on his Pot-'n-Popes-'n-Stuff blog running straight up his own ass.

I documented the results, mostly in a semi-regular feature called "Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says"

Then there was that time when you could actually watch the collusion between Mr. Brooks and Mr. Sullivan unfold before your eyes.  And sometimes he just keeps amputating reality until it fits into the ideological straight-jacket he had prepared for it already.

In 2012,  Mr. Sullivan grew more strident in his demands for accountability...for other people.

And sometimes his dizzying schizophrenia was just damned funny to watch...

The Schizophrenia Regularly on Display 

At Andrew Sullivan's Apostate Conservative Monkey House is genuinely impressive.

Like children playing "The floor is made of lava!" the way Apostate Conservative's avoid the horror of being called a "Liberal" while reconcile their contradictory, oscillating fears of
  1. The unique and lethal insanity of a modern Conservatism that they helped to create,
  2. Jeopardizing their Centrist media meal-tickets by acknowledging that modern Conservatism is uniquely crazy and evil, and,
  3. People noticing and pointing out that their entire brief against the Right consists of dog-eared photocopies of what Liberals were saying 30 years ago,
leaves them leaping wildly from any available ideological outcropping
...I would have loved to have a chance to debate my critique of modern Republicanism - "The Conservative Soul" - on Fox News. You'd think a discussion of that kind would have enlivened a show segment. But the book was ignored by almost every conservative media outlet. My cover story on Obama's long game last January spawned several segments in prime time on Fox, but despite persistent requests from Newsbeast's publicist, Fox chose other people to defend the essay I wrote. When they put a screen shot of the magazine cover on TV they actually blurred out my name, in true Stalinist fashion in which an individual is simply airbrushed out of existence. Megyn Kelly, moreover, asserted that I was not an "actual journalist" and I was given no right of reply, despite insistent requests.  
I don't need cable news to get my ideas out there. But the chilling effect on desperately needed discourse on where conservatism went so badly wrong is not a solution to a problem. It is the source of the problem. 
Roger Ailes has helped kill conservatism in America, by never allowing it to criticize itself. When journalism puts power above truth it isn't, to coin a phrase, "actual journalism". It's propaganda. And I, like others in the Stalinist atmosphere, was just rendered invisible in the one-party state that is the GOP's media-industrial complex.

to the next,
MSNBC is just as bad. But Fox is the best at it.
to the next,
Tomasky's related thoughts [on Barack Obama's new negotiating-style.]
If the White House had instead yesterday offered a modest set of specific entitlement cuts and domestic spending cuts, that would have started the negotiations on GOP turf, since those are the two things the GOP wants. This of course is exactly what Obama used to do: As in last year's debt negotiations, he started by offering the Republicans half a loaf, and the compromise ended up at 75 or 80 percent of the GOP loaf, and Obama looked weak and his voters were terribly dispirited. it took months for him and them to recover. He seems to have learned the lesson that that didn't work so well.
But he just got re-elected. It's a classic time for magnanimity - and yet he began the critical negotiations by poking the defeated GOP in the eye. This is not the new politics. It's the old partisanship. I hope it works. I fear it won't.
never noticing that, when taken in their totality, their statements expose them as the opportunistic moral jellyfish they are.

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