Monday, April 06, 2015

10 Years After: 2010 -- The Driftington Post

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with the Teabagger Backlash Year of 2010.

In 2010, aggregation was all the rage, and all around these internet one heard how the new business model was throwing up a buncha he said/she said links every day in stead of, y'know, writing stuff. Teddibly, teddibly difficult la vide aggregata was, I heard over and over again.

Well, I decided to find out for myself , so for about a week I tried my hand at it, just to see exactly how hard it was for one person to do it, day after day.

Somepeoplesay .. Otherpeoplesay ... Pot!  ... SEO strategies ...  Web consultant gobbledygook ... "A Reader Writes" ...   Ezra opined one thing, but Conor mused something different ... Celebrity nipple-slips  -- I had them all and in great profusion.

Turns out, based on my unscientific tests, the rote clipping and posting other people's stuff in the most non-controversial way possible every day is several fucktons easier than, y'know, thinking and writing every day.

Anyway, it was called the Driftington Post, and it still exists here, after a fashion

Synthesizing the Narrative of a Generation!

Venerable 1.0 blog

Poised for future 2.0 greatness.

The Age of Aggregation teaches us that while the creation of original daily in-depth essays and artwork can still be a lively diversion for the lone amateur, the important work that lies at the heart of the people-powered revolution --
1) Lightly scanning online material and then,

2) Posting a brief, sparingly-frosted link to that material
-- requires a level of serious, professional labour that only the bulwarking infrastructure of a professional, 21st Century new-media powerhouse can provide.

The people-powered revolution must not be allowed to die! And to safeguard the bright flame of our revolution as it lights the way to our glorious future, we here at the driftglass blog realize that its most important elements must be protected and institutionalized.

As such, in order to maintain the very highest level of quality for You The Public, we here at the driftglass blog have retained a Very Prestigious Consulting Firm (the name of which would be instantly Recognizable and Impressive to you if we were at liberty to mention it at this time) which is presently conducting a worldwide,"Ladders"-class executive search for star-performing persons to inhabit the following proposed achievement-based opportunities as they help midwife the vanguard-leading revenue model of our fresh, future-ready, forward-leaning 2.0 enterprise:
Event Planner, Infolution Architect, Instructional Designer, Investor Relations Manager, Market Researcher, Marketing Communications Manager, Marketing Database Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Media Buyer, Media Co-optition Planner, Media Relations Manager, Media Research Analyst, Media Supervisor, New Business Development Specialist, Client Services Manager, Online Marketing Director, Communications Editor, Online Marketing Manager, Communications Manager/Director, Tizzy Promotions Manager, Communications Specialist, Online Publicist, Consumer Product Manager, Online/Interactive Media Buyer, Copywriter, Online/Interactive Media Planner, Creative Gilgameshers, Cerebral Font Cue Specialist, Direct Marketing Manager, Producer, Product , Production Manager, Hen Teaser, Public Relations Account Coordinator, Public Relations Account Executive, Public Relations Account Supervisor, Committed Skinnerian,, Vice President Search Engine Buccaneer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, Traffic Coordinator, Traffic Manager, User Interface Designer, Web Content Editor, Web Content Manager, Email Marketing Emulsifier, Account Curator, Account Lubrication Compliance Officer, Event Marketing Specialist, Plunder Planner, Plunder Director, Art Director Junior Assistant Plunder Executive, Senior Assistant Plunder Executive, Associate Productivity Verifier, Brand Manager, B-to-B Product Manager, Customer Fulfillment Analyst, Best Practices Ombudspersons, Assignment Editor, Buzz-stalker, Vertical Synergy Integrators, Horizontal Synergy Extragators, and a select number of Market-Making Visioneers.

At the same time, we will also be looking to fill several exciting unpaid intern, tern and extern positions. Yes, you read that right! The success of our initial launch permits us to offer an elite few self-igniting, highly-motivated fun-trepreneurs the chance to put their tomorrow-worthy talents to the test today!

might be allowed a chance to use your freshly-minted skills to mine the raw content from the hard and secret heart of the internet.

You could be chosen to sift the digital sands for the best-in-class content which our team of championship trend-leaders will refine into the finest SEO-gold using the very latest in artfully-engirding, focus-group-tested language.

Are you ready to be cast in the role of a lifetime!

Prepare to unleash your Best Self in passionate pursuit of an adventure like no other!

Social networking prowess and eager-to-please-at-any-cost attitude a definite plus!

Watch This Space!

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