Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You Tell 'Em Piyush Jindal Is Comin', Ctd

In my haste to Fish Mooney my eyes out after reading through the CPAC 2015 lineup yesterday, I neglected to mention that, in addition to all the other Crunchy Frogs and Spring Surprises in this year's Whizzo Wingnut Quality Assortment, convention-goers will also be able to attend James O'Keefe's midday "Ratfucking and Hustlebucking" workout and film school where credulous hillbillies will be shown how to combat Negroes "Voter Fraud", presumably by learning how to turn this...

...into this.

 ...and then suckering sclerotic old-media dimwits into treating it as "news".*

Which is Slippin' Jimmy O'Keefe's one and only skill.

Management regrets the omission.

*Thanks beahmont.  I don't know how this got dropped.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does there appear to be a missing clip in this post? Or maybe I'm just missing the point of what is being turned into what.

Anonymous said...

No problem! Happy to help. But I want it known that if I get a cookie for helping, I want it to be a cookie about how the Chicago election run offs.

Those articles about Clout Club are hilarious... right up until I remember that this isn't a badly written dime store novel. Then it's just throat-slitting depressing. But that's okay. I just pretend that it is the middle of John Candy's Canadian Bacon sequel and I can go on with my day.

I lead a rich fantasy life sometimes... Though I admit I have pictured you as Kevin Pollak's character Stu Smiley at the end of the movie where he is dragged off while holding the codes to America's Nukes and shouting that you rightfully know how to set things right, but nobody will listen. Granting of course that you didn't help start the problem in the first place unlike the actual character in the movie.

Ah, but now I'm rambling because I've been up way too late.