Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The DLC or the Nation or Somebody Sent Me Another Email


Number 12,544 in the series.

This one is about what it'll take to Win!In!2014!2015!

"Dear Drift" they all begin...

And then there's some stuff.

And then they need me to send them $3.

It is uncanny that putting Wendy Davis over the top...or drafting Elizabeth Warren...or sending Mitch McConnell a "message"...or drafting Elizabeth Warren (even though, as Brother Charlie Pierce has pointed out, Professor Senator Warren has used every means of communication except skywriting to make it clear that she is NOT running...or Winning the Congress...or drafting Elizabeth Warren because "No" only means "No"when its other people! ...or Taking Back the Congress...or baking the nomination into a pie so that Elizabeth Warren is tricked into eating it...each costs $3.

On average, I believe I cost a lot less, and deliver slightly more reliable results.  However I don't have a spam deliver system to remind Every Liberal in America every day that sending me $3 would be an excellent way to send, oh, let's say Chuck Todd a Message!

Maybe I should get one :-)


Kaye said...

Send $5/month to Driftglass - pay the podcaster!

Kevin Wood said...

I get those same emails, even up here in Canada. I have never sent them a cent, but I would gladly send $3 to keep Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Renee Davis-Pelt said...

I send my bucks to DG and his wife :) I'd send another $5 if we could keep Jon Stewart, too.

Unknown said...

I was afraid driftglass might stroke out reading BoBo's latest collection of vile farts dressed up as words, in which he either uses the Brian Williams saga (btw - THANK GOD someone is FINALLY paying a price for lying about Iraq, am I right?) to preemptively seek forgiveness for the Matterhorn-sized (and growing weekly) mountain of bullshit he may some day - ha! - be called upon to apologize for, or he's the most oblivious idiot this side of Bill WRONG Kristol. I'm honestly not sure which it is. I'm not sure driftglass can survive this one.

Glad to see that he posted something today.

Mike Lumish said...

@Unknown: indeed, just yesterday or the day before the Wall Street Journal lent a half page to some Bush Administration toady to remind us of the 2004 blue ribbon commission that absolved the President and his cronies of any responsibility for the lies that surrounded the invasion of Iraq. He was shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, to hear some talking head on the tee vee mention "Bush's Iraq lies" and he was determined that such injustice not be allowed to stand. Evidently if you can bully or chivvy your operatives into stovepiping the desired results into the National Intelligence Estimate then you have cover to pretend that you didn't know nuthin' 'bout nuthin' when it all goes tits up. If you are a Republican, of course.

dinthebeast said...

When I get these emails (every day), I usually have two reactions:
First, Yes! Run, Warren, run! As fast as you can away from these assholes!

And second, if you are, as you claim, our best hope in the struggle against becoming a Republican dystopia, and you are begging ME for money, we must be buggered even worse than I thought.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

EEEEK Jon Stewart is leaving now?? {Google} OMG I guess he is. Well YOU won't leave us will you Drifty?
Right? RIGHT?