Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

No news this weekend because, as you know, the networks do not produce "news" anymore but instead offer the public a dramatically less expensive, processed entertainment product made from words, hippie punching, emulsifiers and various news by-products, engineered to spread evenly across all issues and be as inoffensively digestible as possible to the maximum number of customers possible.

Which is why, if I were an alien skipping past on my way to Tau Ceti and I happened to catch, say, Kathleen Parker back on, say, "Meet the Press" making patently ridiculous word-noises with her mouth hole --

-- I might be tempted to tuned long enough to see when exactly network security would be drag her off the set (h/t Heather at Crooks and Liars):
PARKER: Well look, President Bush over... when he was president and had to go to war under the circumstances we all believed in at the time, he put in place a lot of tools, the Homeland Security, you know, the Patriot Act, all that as well as the authorization. And he told me once during an interview, he said you know, I did the very difficult things that were very unpopular, but the next president is going to be grateful because he's going to need them.

And I think President Obama is in that situation right now where he does see, I mean, the ball is in his court and he feels that he has to do something, and yet he would be in a lose lose situation no matter what he does, because if he doesn't do anything, people say he's a coward and not leading. If he does something it's the wrong thing.
Because surely a country which impeaches Presidents for blowjobs values truth so highly that no such twaddle would be tolerated on the public airwaves.

Of course, what an interstellar vagabond could not possibly know unless it stuck around for at least one American election cycle is that they were not watching the news, but instead visually consuming zero-nutritional-content ideological comfort food for the Acela corridor crowd.

Which Mr. Parker herself explained less than a week ago to anyone who was listening.


Mike Lumish said...

Good Lord. Not only is Kathleen wearing red glasses in a transparent effort to look "smart" but she is pushing the transparent lie that Bush "had to go to war" "because" of what "everyone thought was true."

What with the WSJ propaganda bomb last week, recycling the transparent lie that Bush wasn't lying because he sincerely believed in the intelligence he demanded, one might reasonably conclude that the Republicans have deliberately launched a media campaign on this precise issue to ensure that the willfully ignorant remain willfully ignorant.

Anonymous said...

"Well look, President Bush over... when he was president and had to go to war under the circumstances we all believed in at the time,"

We ALL believed??? What the hell is this "we" stuff Kathleen? Maybe you and your pals did (or pretended to) but a sizable number of us believed no such thing. Not that anybody wanted to write about that except to mock it.

dinthebeast said...

They have to try to make the last Bush look better because they are going to try to elect another one.

-Doug in Oakland

Red Hand said...

Was she called on this utter claptrap? At all? Could she possibly be so stupid as to actually believe this? Maybe she is just referring to The Village?

What I know, having watched the propaganda lead-up to the invasion, and its aftermath when the truth came out, is that no casus belli in our history was more contrived and built on falsehood than our disgraceful war in Iraq.

steeve said...

That "debate" went to shit when everyone fixated on WMDs, ignoring the fact that everyone knew, including Bush, the intelligence people, and any guy on the street, that there was no imminent threat to US security (beyond that posed by any random terrorist) whether there were WMDs or not.

Dave McCarthy said...

Hilarious, considering Driftglass's catch on what this admitted "news actress" had to say just last week.

And for the upteenth time...The Office of Special Plans. Five words that TOTALLY destroy the still 100% bullshit notion that Dubya "...had to go to war under the circumstances we all believed in at the time..."

Sally Jesse Raphael called, Kathleen; she wants her glasses back.

Don P said...

"It's not a lie, if you believe it" -- George Constanza

bowtiejack said...

Red Hand

I think we have been very deeply programmed by evolution to fit in with the group in order to survive. On the savannah or wherever a hundred thousand years ago.

But if your group today is a grotesquely overpaid courtier claque for the 1%, well . . . (I believe this is The Village of which you speak).

And as with bullshitters, the truth, stupidity, or facts have nothing to do with obtaining your desired goal of fitting in with the gang.