Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today In "Both Sides Do It", Ctd. Forever: Unsurprisingly, David Brooks

Because if he does not robotically ballyhoo the Both Side Do It, Beltway party line every single fucking time he opens his cake hole --
MARK SHIELDS: No, I understand that, but let’s be blunt about it, not to be partisan, but we have an opposition party...

DAVID BROOKS: Well, there’s the Republican partisan attack. So, we — they’re both playing this game...
-- Pinch Sulzberger will detonate the tiny bomb he implanted in Mr. Brooks' skull as a condition of employment.

Both Siderism is uniformly everywhere. It's like the Beltway's own Iridium Layer.

It's continued existence is why it is impossible to have a reasonable debate about anything ever.

It's constant maintenance is our media elite's prime directive.


steeve said...

Bothsiderism is propped up mainly by oligarchs failing to find a single conservative success. (If there was one, it would not be presented in a both sides manner.) But it's also propped up by well-meaning people asking for objective nonpartisan news.

True objectivity can't look objective, so it needs to be thrown overboard. And when people are ruining the world, angry passionate judgment is the only honest way to meet it.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

I'd love to see a photoshop of Babbling Brooks and Chuckles Toddler playing with GOP action figures.