Saturday, November 29, 2014

So Much Treason So Close to Home

In case you were wondering why any attempt to meaningfully communicate with Conservatives is a fool's errand, here is what the banner page of The Weekly Standard's Twitter page looks like:

The bottom of what used to be the ideological birdcage of the Crazy Uncle Liberty you never let outta the basement is now so mainstream that even the upscale Brain Caste of the American Fascist Movement isn't afraid to tell the world right up front  what they see when they looks at us -- berserk Dirty Hippies, feminazis and race-baiting Negroes, shouting down everyone else and conspiring the destroy Confederate Jesusland.

Goodbye Edmund Burke.

Hello Archie Bunker,

Of course, if you go looking for any actual evidence of any such mythical creatures anywhere in the Beltway media  you quickly will come up empty.  Because we all know, even the most genteel Liberal is simply not allowed anywhere near the Sunday Gasbag review (for example) unless they wear a leash and are accompanied by a security phalanx of wingnuts and Both Siders.

On the other hand, you can't swing a Benghaaaazi subpoena in the Beltway without hitting three or four Conservatives queuing up in the nation's green rooms, getting ready to look straight into the camera and lie and lie and lie.

Like, say, for example, unreconstructed war criminal and undisputed King of Getting Every Fucking Things Wrong, Bill Kristol. A depraved fraud and blood drunk lunatic from the top of his head to the soles of his cloven hooves,  And yet in addition to managing The Weekly Standard Wingnut Welfare Outlet Mall, in the last 20 years he has never gone 20 minutes without a day job in the "serious" Beltway Media.

And thus are his toxic fairy tales of Dirty Hippies, feminazis and race-baiting Negroes further sanctified.  

And the Circle of life begins again,


Horace Boothroyd III said...

Berserk Dirty Hippies, feminazis and race-baiting Negroes

You are perfectly correct about the main stream media and the Democratic Party as a whole, but the above description rests very well on the brow of the modern day Daily Kos.

Not the Daily Kos of eight years ago when we threw "Traitor" Joe Lieberman out of the party for snuggling up with the Republicans, and sure as hell not the Daily Kos of twelve years ago when we were an island of sanity in an America where 95% of respondents would tell pollsters "sure, invading Afghanistan is a swell idea."

But today, where self styled Dirty Fucking Hippies run the show and over the top rants against Privilege are the order of the day, Wrongthink is punished with vicious campaigns of public humiliation where the perpetrators are hounded until they disgorge abject apologies and are permitted to return from the re-education camps. Very Cultural Revolution, one must say.

So while these people are freaks and weirdos and have nothing at all to do with the main stream Democratic Party, they very much exist out there on the fringes and they do make it easy for the blood drunk thugs to point and gibber "Look! Look! There is your typical main stream Democrat, he even calls himself a Dirty Fucking Hippie and look how she tortures anyone who strays from the radical party line! Come with me, the voice of reason and sanity, and we can save the country."

So in short, the kossacks and firebaggers are demanding that the Democrats become the Tea Party of the Left, because nothing gets things done like aping the worst elements of your enemy and the stupids are unable to comprehend how this would be the best gift they could possibly hand the Limbaughs and the Kristols.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly the best job of concern trolling I've read this fortnight. Time for some group hand-holding while tsk-tsking grave injustices suffered by Joe Lieberman and contemplating how uncritical support of our President by Democrats would have silenced his critics into respectful self-contemplation. Haw, haw, haw! Well done, sir or madame! Ready for Hillary?