Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rand Paul: Break The Government


Robt said...

Oh my,
somebody is feeling a bit Randy today.

I do declare the moon is bright tonite...........

How the "Give-me-tarian" must decide if to give up his sweet Senate seat gig, to run for president.
Why can't he do as he pleases? Kentucky' old conservative law must now become more progressive and change its old conservative ways for the Aqua bong to be lit.
Since conservative is to keep things as they were (unless there are conservative exceptions). does Libertarian ism trump conservatism for a progressive change to Kentucky law for the Senator with 2 first names?

Does anyone else feel a draft in here?

Zarathustra said...

Look at that! Rand Paul... is Kim Kardashian's ASS!!!

Strider said...

Anyone see the long, wet kiss Bill Maher administered to KY's microsenator on Friday's "Real Time"? Ugh.