Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Guess Ben Carson Was Unavailable

Often, Republicans who want to show their great love of diversity will hire one of the nine Black Republicans the GOP has assembled out of bumper stickers and crazy to stand next to them and say nice things. 

And these kit-built, store-bought Black Republicans work pretty well.  They walk.  They wave.  And most importantly, they tell cranky, old, white Fox News bumpkins exactly what they want to hear. Unfortunately, building actual, three-dimensional Black Republicans is costly and time-consuming, and there are never enough to go around, which means that paying full freight for the Full  Black Republican Experience can be an expensive proposition.  

Which may be why Tom Corbett decided to go cheap and get himself one of those less expensive, more two-dimensional, Black Republican supporters:


D. said...

Photoshopped diversity is the new, um, diversity!

(Seriously, that's the second time [first being pointed out here] they haven't been able to find a live black Republican woman who is not Condoleeza Rice.)

JerryB said...

The kids can sure do all kinds of amazing things with those computer machines these days, huh?

Frank Stone said...

"Some of my best friends are stock photographs of black people."

Redhand said...

Corbett's photoshopping reminds me Stalin's practice of airbrushing out of group photos with him the images of people he subsequently had killed. In a sense it's worse. Stalin's altered images at least had some basis in past reality. Corbett's pic is a total fraud from its inception.

Habitat Vic said...

During one of the Republican conventions (maybe 2004), my friends and I were so astonished at Republican attempts to shoehorn black faces into their camera shots, interviews, etc that we invented a game.

Start with the descriptor "black" then add a string of adjectives, then finish with Republican. The goal being to define something so rare that it doesn't exist or would be a handful, maybe just one person. My first try was Black + Billionaire + Female + Republican. That was too easy (answer being zero; there was only one black female billionaire at the time - Oprah, a liberal/Democrat), so we eliminated things like "billionaire" or "ex-Senator" as too obvious.

We decided it was more fun to string together unlikely social descriptors: Black + Gay + Organic-Farmer + Republican.

I remember at the time thinking "could Republicans get more White/exclusionary than this?" The answer of course, was a resounding yes.

Jim from MN said...

Too bad GOP can't Photoshop out their pathological efforts to keep people of color away from the polls. Clearly, GOP minority outreach stops at access to the voting booth.

bowtiejack said...

" of the nine Black Republicans the GOP has assembled out of bumper stickers and crazy to stand next to them and say nice things. "

Thank you DG, that made my day.
It reminds us that no matter how freaky the job, there's always a few someones out there who'll do it.

Guard at a Nazi women's concentration camp?
"At her trial, Juana Bormann said she had joined the Auxiliary SS in 1938 "to earn more money"."

She was found guilty of torturing and murdering prisoners and hanged on December 13, 1945.

dinthebeast said...

Habitat Vic:

Black sentient vertebrate Republican. Try finding one of those on iStockphoto.

-Doug in Oakland