Sunday, September 07, 2014

While You Were Out

(Not Safe For Work)

While you were busy...

...parsing the actual details of the shooting of Michael Brown.

...watching Conservatives unleash their 100% predictable, standard-issue blame-the-victim blame-the-media blame-Al-Sharpton blame-Liberals blame-any-fucking-body-but-the-cop-who-pulled-the-trigger campaign...

...watching the standard-issue Conservative blame-dodging scam once again with 100% predictability completely disintegrate because facts...

...watching as Conservative -- completely unfazed by another batch of their lies going tits up -- move immediately on the the next batch of 100% predictable lies without breaking stride, because hopping from lie to lie is what they do....

...your Crazy Uncle Liberty was busy reading stuff like this...
Eric Holder is confident in his corrupting of the Justice Department, because of his relationship with Barack Obama, who is corrupting the country. I understand perfectly well the motives of these two leftist operatives. What I do not comprehend and refuse to accept is the failure of America's elected politicians to deal effectively with these men. Congress has been given the power to address lawless behavior in government, and that power includes impeachment and removal.
And this:
In addition, everyday American whites – people who have not been prone to hatred of blacks – are becoming increasingly fed-up with the violent, destructive, and lawless behavior of many blacks, such as those currently running amok in Ferguson, Missouri. These Americans also resent, and justly so, the usual support that such mobs receive from Holder and Obama, no matter how racist and criminal the mob behavior may be...
Yes, that "National Conversation About Race" we're always about to have -- 


-- already began long ago on the Right,  And this is what it sounds like:
I think we can infer that Eric Holder, using his corrupt Justice Department, is laying the groundwork for race war. He is, after all, no different from any other race-hater out there. He just happens to be black with an incredible amount of power to bring suffering to anyone whom he deems worthy of suffering (recall George Zimmerman and the white voters in Philadelphia, among a host of other citizens). This reality is what concerns me as a conservative black who despises everything about Eric Holder.

When the intended race war begins, there will be no way for blacks who oppose Holder's behavior to distinguish themselves from him and his leftist ilk...
Courtesy of people like this lady:
Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.
Most of America's 17 black Conservatives have never been shy about turning a buck telling the rank-and-file of the American Fascist party exactly what they want to hear.

And what the rank-and-file of the American Fascist party have desperately wanted to hear since well before President Obama was inaugurated was that, secretly,  Barack Obama is all the horrible things that the vivid, racist, paranoid voices in their heads (and on their radios) whisper to them every day.

That he's secretly a Commie!  Not really even an American.  And maybe a fascist!  Trying to destroy America!  And none of this raving idiocy has anything to do with his race, because the only real racists in America are Liberals!

Which is why right alongside the pile of money set aside to keep "Both Siders" gainfully employed there will always be something in the Conservative petty cash drawer for any member of any group the GOP has built its political muscle on hating -- gays, African Americans, Hispanics, women, Liberals, union members, environmentalists, scientists, the Middle Class, etc. -- willing to stab everyone else in the back in public.  Because without the eager help of of "Both Siders" like David Brooks and lunatics-for-rent like Ms. Thompson, the rank-and-file of the American Fascist party would have no place left to hide.

But as things stand, this is more or less how every conversation with rank-and-file-member of the American Fascist party now goes...
Crazy Uncle Liberty:  Here!  Read this!  She makes some good points.

You:  She's fucking nut job.  She's just making  shit up,  You can't really believe this?

Crazy Uncle Liberty:  Well, she's no worse than Rachael Maddow...
"Both Sides" has become the universal, go-to deflector shield for every dime store Sean Hannity on the Right, because having lived on a steady diet of bullshit for so long, they really can no longer distinguish the difference between someone who tells you their bias up front but sticks scrupulously to the facts, and someone who just fucking lies all day long.

If I believed in Hell I would be temped to say that there is a special place in reserved there for people like Ms. Thompson.  But even if such a place existed, I have a feeling that she would arrive there unfazed and begin immediately writing long screeds about how all the real devils are in Heaven.

"When the intended race war begins..."

Take a minute to let that sink in.


Pinkamena said...

Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Translated out of Flaming Maple Nut Goodie language, this whole sentence just says two words:

house Negro

Anonymous said...

Crazy Aunt Libretta?

This woman couldn't be better suited for the Manson Family if she shaved her head, carved a swastika into her forehead and listened to "Helter Skelter" in an endless loop. Charlie spoke often of inciting a race war, which would be won by black people. But of course they would immediately realize they couldn't run things and would turn the world over to Charlie, on the natch.

Makes perfect sense.

Just like Sylvia Thompson.


Neo Tuxedo said...

Unless she's making a specific effort to not know it, she's well aware that the actual "intended race war" began a while back; it's just that, precisely as the people who did the intending hoped would happen, most of us white people only notice the war when black people have the bad taste to start fighting back. Kind of like how it's only "class warfare" when poors have the audacity to take the fight to their divinely-anointed betters (the god who applied the ointment being, presumably, Mammon).

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize people like Sylvia existed outside the cartoon world. Uncle Ruckus would be so into her.

gocart mozart said...

"When the intended race war begins..."

To quote Charles Manson ... Sereoisly, I think that is a direct quote from Charles Manson.