Saturday, August 16, 2014

As Stupid Does


D. said...

In order to stay, if not sane, in precarious equilibrium with this world, I have had to bite back on exactly that statement, lest I unleash the contempt that would otherwise engulf me at the thought of --

Whooops! It almost got out!

John Polansky said...

Is it wrong of me to find joy in the fact that Rick Perry is having legal problems? What's that word in German...

Anonymous said...

I dunno, JP, 50 shades of freud?

in Russian I think it's Perrystroika

Robt said...

Let us not be cruel in our assessments of the Texas "T" Tornado/

I can see only 3 issues Governor (and I use that term loosely in this case).

Running for office in which I want to Secede from.

To make the rest of the country in the image of Texas because only Conservatives can use Big Gov't to rule. Especially over-turning Leftist state rights from the Federal Gov't. It is a fact that Liberals are better off ruled by conservatives as you can see how I did this in Texas.

Ugh, Um, Ah! Oops, help me out here, what was my third one?

Redhand said...

I do like this bit from the NYT:

The last Texas governor to face criminal charges was James E. “Pa” Ferguson, who was indicted in 1917 by a Travis County grand jury on embezzlement and eight other charges. His case also involved a veto that stirred anger: Mr. Ferguson vetoed the entire appropriation to the University of Texas because it had refused to fire certain faculty members. The state Senate voted to impeach him, but he resigned first.

Can someone tell me the difference between “Pa” Ferguson's case and Perry's? Hint: there isn't any.

dinthebeast said...

Molly Ivins said that Ma Ferguson, who succeeded Pa, wasn't much better.

-Doug in Oakland

Jim from MN said...

Perry just wanted to have something criminal in common when he's sharing the 2016 GOP Primary debate stage with Gov's Christie, Scott, and Walker. His indictment allows Canadian Ted Cruz and Serial Plagiarist Rand Paul so scramble a bit higher on the GOP shit pile. Of course, being on the top of the GOP shit pile means there's only one way to go from there---down. Just ask Mitt Romney.