Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today Is A Day For Remembering


Robt said...

Memorial Day has been one of the most special of the Federal Holidays, to me.
Not to be harsh mind you, but those who die in defense of this country did not "Lose it" , They did not "Fall", They did not "five" their life up?
This life was taken. Taken by opposing forces.
Sure they pretty much all understood the risks and dangers. They are prepared and trained to demolish our perceived enemies throughout time.
It comes down to being placed in harms way and kill or be killed.
It is not possible in my mind to to demean or obscure those honored in remembrance. I am sure there are those that may try.
Take the memory of those who died in Benghazi. Too many that feel so passionate about the 4 dead Americans can't even tell you their names while expressing their image of marching President Obama and (then) Secretary of State to the brick wall for the firing squad.
That there is actually a political party entirely devoted to projecting some sort of deviate planning for the Benghazi out come.
That, after many Congressional investigative reports and internal military investigations and commissions that some of them might actual READ ANY OR ALL OF THESE EXISTING REPORTS !

Before voting for a Special House investigation.
***Before allowing your political Republican Party to open up "official" web sites to collect campaign donations off these 4 dead Americans.

That not any one individually or group of soldiers that died in Iraq or Afghanistan were ever worth Congressional scrutiny.
What was the final chapter to Pat Tilman's death?
I would like to make a suggestion to any who reads this and favors to do.
Write or call you Congress critter and express to them that, all the time and tax payer money involved in the House to create noise On which that same political party decided to orchestrate a political campaign collection off the deaths of 4 Americans that they in fact had responsibility in with their fiscal espionage and lack of over sight.
These House Congressional critters could have been over seeing problems that were surfacing in the V.A. from the prior Bush Administration and Knowing the mass influx of wounded returning might have prepared ahead of time to ensure the V.A. had facilities and operations capable.
That cutting funding for security for the State Dept's operations and not assuring the V.A. isn't operated by the Don Rumsfeld mentality of, You send your wounded to the V.A. you have, NOT the V.A. you would like to have?....!
Or you can let your Congress critter go on without a snag to thei rmerry way of fund raising like this, while never holding or considering they have any responsibility in the House of Representaives in this matter. That only who they use tax payer dollars to cast suspicion to their political base to bolster there election chances.
There are some Veterans in Congress that are very much aware of this.
Let me just pick one,
Sen. John McCain, where is your out rage?

Anonymous said...


Dude just let it go, it's not about you. Hell I wore the uniform after 2000 and it's not about me. It's about the kids who's parent is dead, the spouse left alone, and the hell that follows. This isn't some cheap "thank you for your service" issue, it's a shut the fuck and let us mourn our dead reality.