Thursday, April 24, 2014

Whine's World

Young Conservative Supermen rise and fall so fast these days that you have to look quickly or you might miss them.   Like very, very stupid virtual particles they do not necessarily have much in the way of mass, but they always conserve wingnut energy (Ermehgerd!  Librul fascists are destroying Murrica!) and wingnut momentum (Why yes, I would love to discuss my atavistic views on Fox News!)

This week's hero was a Reaganbaby named Jason Veley (from the Rudest Pundit of us all):
Brent Terry is a part-time adjunct professor in the English Department of Eastern Connecticut State University. In case you don't know, "adjunct instructor" is the lowest rung possible in the hierarchy of academia. Everyone from the maintenance staff to the Associate Provost's ball washer has more job security. Part-time adjuncts are treated as disposable at best, as indentured servants at worst. They are professors who are trying to cobble together a living from benefit-free teaching gigs, often at more than one college in the area. They are paid shitty wages, and, generally, they teach most of the classes at many colleges since they cover the basic ones every student must take. Except in rare cases where they have some union representation, they have no power and must hope that there are classes available on a semester-by-semester basis. Surely, there are crack whores in an alley, blowing their tenth scabby cock of the night, thinking, "Well, this is better than being an adjunct."

But, apparently, Prof. Terry was good at his job. His comments and ratings at Rate My Professor were pretty damn positive prior to this week. "Before his class I hated poetry and I now have a respect for it," wrote one student. "Terry is a little out there but overall he's a really nice guy, who really loves his poetry!" said another. It's that "little out there" that ended up pissing off one brave Republican student.

In an Introduction to Creative Writing course, Terry went on a calm, reasonable, and absolutely biased tangent on how "racist, misogynists, money-grubbing people have so much power over the rest of us. And want things to go back not to 1955 but to 1855. There are a lot of people out there that do not want black people to vote, do not want Latinos to vote, do not want old people to vote or young people to vote. Because generally people like you are liberals." This was recorded by conservative student Jayson Veley, who obviously turned it over to Campus Reform, the clearing house for pathetic whiners who can't stand to have any ideas but their own informing the opinions of the precious, delicate angels who are in college. This led to a Fox "news" hategasm, of course, of course.
As a former adjunct professor, I can confirm that it is one step above living under a bridge and selling your blood for soup-and-paperback-copies-of-Cat's-Cradle money.  As to the poor Jason's deep, emotional trauma, well he brought it in himself.  Everybody know that if you're a wingnut podling barely out of puberty and looking to spend four years in a place where no one will ever challenge your idiotic opinions, well, that's why White Jebus made Bob Jones University.  But nooo, our boy Jason had to fuck up and go to state school where I'm sure they inflict all kindsa heresy on his beautiful mind.

Still, its not like he's some public-access cable teevee junior wingnut troll looking to make the jump to Fox!News! lightspeed by gutting some professor for saying something that made him uncomfortable.

Oh wait.  Turns out, its exactly like that:
Update: As rude reader RJD points out, Veley can safely go fuck some scum. Yeah, it seems that this innocent, young student who was ear-raped by his commie professor is an aspiring right-wing talk radio host, a Hannity wannabe, who had appeared on Glenn Beck's hate vomit show in 2010. He calls his online show "The Junior Factor." Extra points: He wrote a column calling liberals "racists." So he was trying to destroy Terry in order to advance his career. And, thus, he can go fuck himself with his microphone.
Whine's World.
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Anonymous said...

If you want to talk to conservative professors you can enroll in just about any business course, math course, engineering course, computer science course, ect.

Of course if you take English, political science, art, philosophy, or history you're probably going to get a liberal professor.

And isn't the point of college forced exposure to people with different views? It's not like most people learn much of anything there, and what you do learn can be learned from other sources. The precious commodities of college are 1.) a chance to network and get to know the people in the world who count if you go to a school worth something, or 2.) exposure to new things to prepare you for a world in which people have all sorts of views.