Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Today, Fox News served up a real Low Sunday Tur-Duck-En of Awful (I hope Crooks and Liars will have the video) in which the oleaginous Howie Kurtz -- who landed a gig at Fox on a dead-cat bounce after getting sacked from his last job -- interviewed what appeared to be Wallace Shawn's Id on Crank... about what a fucking hash David Gregory has made out of "Meet the Press".

To be fair, they raised a few points which are indisputably true. For example, I think we can all agree that Gregory is a flat, hollow cipher.

But being a Fox News segment, and being that Mistah Kurtz is a loyal Fox News employee, it was inevitable that his final question would be...
Mistah Kurtz: The rap on David Gregory is that he also that he is...favors Democrats, that he's harder on Conservatives guests. Fair or unfair?

Wallace Shawn's Id on Crank: Uhm...I don't wanna go there. I don't want to make that judgement...
Like the wingnut meme that Libruls are the Real Racists, despite overwhelming and easily available evidence to the contrary, it is an article of faith among the Pig People that Gregger is a shill of the Lefty Liberal Commies and a shameless apologist for the Kenyan Usurper. No surprise, then, that a cipher like Mistah Kurtz would use his last 30 seconds of Sunday air time to dutifully repeat one of his employers' most popular lies.


the cheese eater said...

Elizabeth Warren explains how Washington works to George Stephanopoulos. Warren is not interested if a (D) or an (R) appears after a politicians name. She doesn't seem to think it matters. Her only interest is in the outcomes of financial service public policy on middle class families.

On that note which policy was worse for Warren's "middle class families, the repeal of Glass Steagall or the expansion of Medicare part D?

One gave Wall Street a free ticket to plunder America and resulted in an ongoing five year depression and millions of lost jobs so a few insiders could make billions in easy money.

The other was a great big give away to pharmaceutical industry insiders . It greatly expanded the customer base of Big Pharma while ensuring that the drug companies could grossly overcharge the government for the cost of all those new prescription drugs they were selling. This was a huge give away to industry insiders that also managed to give prescription drugs to 24 million Americans that otherwise would have gone without them.

The (D) or the (R) make no difference. Both policies were designed to pour money into the hands of a few private industry insiders.

Which public policy decision had a dramatically worse outcome for the American "middle class"?

Unsalted Sinner said...

I think Paul Krugman sums up the Sunday shows perfectly on his blog:

"On Stephanopoulos tomorrow. As I understand it, William Kristol and I will debate whether multiplicative shocks to wealth accumulation really do cause the right tail of the distribution to approximate a power law."


I assume Kristol responded to Krugman's analysis with something about tax cuts, job creators and class warfare.

RockDots said...

"Mistah Kurtz: The rap on David Gregory is that he also that he is...favors Democrats, that he's harder on Conservatives guests. Fair or unfair? "


Horace Boothroyd III said...

@Unsalted Sinner

That is Too. Fucking. Funny.

You, sirrah, have made my day.